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Excerpt and Guest Cassandre Dayne

Good Day... and thanks for stopping by. Today, I have put an excerpt from a piece I am still working on. So, any comments would be appreciated. Also, as a guest poet I present... Cassandre Dayne. She not only writes prose she has a number of books to her credit.

This story, its title subject to change is The Step Brothers.
It is a tale of revenge by a man who has spent years as the target of his stepbrother hate. Clint Hawks believes he has finally found a way to retaliate for past injustices. 

Chapter 1
      Piercing sounds of the metal wheels strained and scrapped against the railroad tracks as the massive machine chugged slowly to a final stop. The noise of Engine number 134, built only a year earlier in 1867, jarred the ears of the people waiting at the station. The engineer released the engine’s stream pressure forming white clouds that mixed with the black soot laden smoke the engine emitted. This added to the picture as excited passengers rushed to disembark, and others tried to climb aboard to take their places.
     No one paid attention to the cowboy standing near the corner of the railway station's building, and that was how he wanted it. Even with a good stare any one would assume he was just another wrangler fresh in from the last cattle drive.
    “Gees, he sure can pick 'em.”
    Straightening up the man spit and headed in to the crowd.The woman having disembarked the train and begun walking down the station’s long wooden platform. He walked toward the young woman and came up behind her. Picking up his pace, he leaned around her getting her attention.
    “Miss Culpepper?” She stopped short and he mimicked her movement.
    “Yes? Do I know you?” Her nervousness showed as her eyes searched the crowd looking for a champion if needed. However, she then looked straight at him.
    “No, ma'am. But, I’d know you anywhere. The boss, I mean, Mr. Keever sent me to fetch ya.” He tipped his hat to the woman.
    “Oh, he’s not meeting me in Madison like he told me?”
    “Ah, No ma’am. His plans changed; some’n bout rustlers.”
    His eyes danced back and forth between her eyes, so innocent looking, and to the strands of reddish brown hair that came loose from her hair restraints blowing free in the breeze as they irritated her face. A vision of innocence...Stay focused, he had to remind himself.
    Pushing the wild strands of hair from her cheek for the third time, she asked.
    “Am I supposed to wait here, then?”
    “Ah, No ma'am. I'm suppose to escort you to him.”
    Her nose lifted and she stood a bit taller.
    “Well, ah what did you say your name was?”
    “Sorry ma'am. I didn’t.” Tipping his hat again and with a slight bow.
    “It’s Clint ma'am, Clint Hawks.”
    “Well, Mr. Clint Hawks, my chaperone fell ill during the last meal stop and had to be taken to the doctor there. She’ll join me in a few days if able. I only came on alone, since this would be the only stop before I reached Madison. I’m not sure if I should...”
    He cut her off, held his hat pitiful like against her belly, with his eyes pleading for her understanding.
    “Ma’am, you know the boss and he felt he could trust me with you. Don’t you think you should trust his judgment too? This is the west, who could protect you better from danger your chaperone, or a man like me and my gun?”
    “Mr. Hawks, I see your point. My fiancĂ© has my full trust. Shall we go?” 

    Not to shabby for a days work. No chaperone to get rid of, and in now my dear step-brother’s fiancĂ©e is clinging to my arm. You're a devious skunk… Don't I know it.     He nodded and tipped his hat to the strangers passing-by as if they were taking an afternoon stroll together. ....

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Now, as I promised here are two poems shared by Cassandre Dayne. The first one is dark and emotional about broken love. All that Lingers is followed by a lighter verse, We Have Never about a new found love.  Hope you enjoy them both.

 Can't you just taste it?
The Wine or the Kiss...Mmmm you decide.

I hope enjoyed the feast presented here today. If you need more of Cassandre's writings whether her great steamy books or her heart rendering poetry, here are her. Check her great books out!




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