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ebooks Sample Sunday Oct 30th

Welcome back to Sample Sunday. After few weeks of a break in routine I hope I mange to catch your interest with some different excerpts.
First up is:

Here's Ellen writing to her business associate. I sure hope she remembers Brian's rules about letters ...  don't you?

The house rattled with the sound. She jumped from it, wondering if the whole town could have heard it.
He bellowed, “Ellen, get down and get down here now.”
The hair brush now tangled in her hair was of no concern. She sprinted into the library saw his face and dropped to her knees. She recognized rage when she saw it, and he was raging angry at someone. Her first guess would be her.
He leaned against the desk. Feet out in front and he leaned in a lazy manner belying his mood. That was proved when he stood and took two steps shoving an envelope in her face.


“Ah, I ah. I wrote a letter to my manager giving him instructions regarding my holdings.”

“Why... is it sealed?”   

“Brian, it's my personal business and of no concern to you. I have been here almost four weeks and he doesn't know my wishes.”

“DOES NOT... concern me. My dear there is nothing about you that does not concern me. Open it,” he said handing it to her.

Once she had taken the letter from the envelope he snatched it from her. He moved to the window and read it. Returning to her he nonchalantly tore the pages in to tiny pieces letting them fall around her as confetti.

“This will not go unpunished now go to your room and wait for me. You are dismissed.”
Dismissed, who the hell does he think he is, 'dismissed.' It didn't matter who he thought his was, she sprung wings and flew up the stairs to the green room.
The sun set, dinner was over, and she still waited. At two-thirty-four am. he entered the room. She would not risk it and dropped to her knees. Ignoring her he went to the secretary and pulled out the chair said, “Come, sign this.”
Easing into the chair reminiscent of how a misbehaved child moves she sat. He physically put the pen in her hand.
“Sigh it,” he repeated.

Her hand shook as she debated to chance reading it first. If to do so would anger him ever more?

“Anyone else, my dear I would not be saying this. Read it first, go head. It does not matter you'll sign it no matter what.”

He moved to stand in front of the unlit fireplace. She began to read. The lamp missed as it slammed into the mantle. Sheds of glass landed everywhere. She fled from the room, racing down the steps into the library knowing if she could lock the door she might make an escape out the window to the barn before he realized her intent and ride away.

She didn't make it. He pushed open the door before the latch found its way home. The next air-bound object was the whiskey decanter. It impacted into the door. The room immediately filled with the smell of the liqueur.

“So this is what all this is about money. Even you, oh, you had me fooled. Brian, money--all this pain for my money. I would have given you every cent for Patsy and me leaving here and never look back.”

“I'm not after your money.”
“That's not what that paper says. You want me to give you complete control and yes I read the clause you have the last word even over my own decisions. Just take me back to your basement and beat me to death I will NOT understand NOT sign this. Just kill me and forge my name to it. I'm sure you capable of such duplicity.”
He moved and she put her arm up to defend herself. Instead of her he moved to the paper and again tore this one to bits.
“There now, there is nothing to sign, come to bed.”
As if the last few minute never happened he escorted her to the master bedroom. He knew she would not understand, but tomorrow he would be demonstrating his love for her. He had thought seriously about taking her back to the room below the jail for her violent display.
The stairs leading to the room beneath the jail.
 Yet, that display opened his eyes to just what the extent he did care for her She would never see the inside of that room again. He decided to let her believe she won this round the truth will revealed soon enough.

And for you history buffs:
A1860 or1862 well something like that :)
A mail carrier's station and home 1800's

The Kincaid Way  can be purchase here: It's there you can learn just how and why Brian rules his home and Ellen....The Way.. he does.


Other counties:  Amazon under  Betty Carlton and or the Title.


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