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Ebook SampleSunday Nov 27th

It's overcast and dreary here today and that makes it a perfect day for curling up on the couch with your e-reader.

Since many readers will be choosing ebooks to load onto their own readers or the gift readers they will be giving this year for the next few weeks I will be offering short excepts for each ebook I have written and hope you find something you like.

Mine Alone
Mine Alone  spent over six weeks on the publishers top seller list.
When the west was wild and a strong arm or a gun ruled.
Charles had both. He also had desires and once he saw Penelope, she was his for the taking. She resented his form of discipline. Only time will allow them to discover how a relationship can change from pain to ecstasy; from lust to love.

It was Monday, July 9, 1879. His life was simple, at least in his mind. Monday's meant, first a leisurely breakfast with his brother, and then a casual sit down when the weather permitted. Today he filled the wooden chair in front of the saloon for a while before heading back home. Home was a small isolated cabin just eleven miles from where he sat.
He was just skimming over the monthly newspaper minding his own business. The warmth of the summer sun made his eyelids droop. Soon his head slowly nodded as his chin pressed against his chest under his black hat.
When the first vibrations of the thunderous sounds stirred him awake, he stayed perfectly still. The rumble filled his head. At first it reminded him of an approaching storm. Then the clatter of three pairs of horses' hooves pounding on the earth and vibrating like war drums caused a quivering sensation in his gut, and its echoes filled his chest. Letting these sensations pulsate through him made him feel alive. When the noise stopped and the dust settled, everyone knew the noon stage to town had arrived. Today it was on time.
Well, the town folk referred to it as a town. In reality, it was a hole-in-the-wall. They named it Paradise. Those passing through did not get the joke. It looked no different than all the other small towns whose founding fathers had had visions of grandiose things on the horizon for the budding new town, visions that the muses never allowed to be fulfilled. The population of the whole county totaled three hundred twenty, soon to be three hundred and twenty-one.
Only the newest resident did not know she was about to be one. Penelope Carson planned to be living in Dusty Springs, and in two more days she would be getting off this stage to begin what she hoped was a new life.
Today however, when she stepped down from the coach her thoughts were on the decent meal the driver earlier that morning had promised would be waiting for her. Maybe, if she just had not slipped climbing down.
The Kincaid Way
"The Kincaid Way” takes us back to, Paradise. In the year 1889, most of the town's men folk believe every women need training. Even a good woman needs to learn what absolute submission means. The Kincaid men have perfected the method.  
Brian Kincaid, sheriff of Paradise, no woman seems able to rekindle that carnal spark, since his wife died almost ten years ago. That was until, Ellen came to town in search of her missing niece. She will not be leaving town. He discovers in her a woman unlike any other he has met. If there is a way to reach inside of her, without destroying her spirit, he will find it.
Ellen Trent, a self-sufficient woman found life hard and forgiving. As an adult no one would tell her what to do say or do. Until she falls into the hands of Brian Kincaid. Determined not to bend to his will. He claims her body and she submits for she can not do anything less. She tries to resist when she realizes he requires she submit more than just her body to him.
Matt Kincaid, chose not to follow his family heritage. He thoughts changed when, Patsy, the bride of his choice, disrespected him. Hoping to save the relationship, he acknowledges the family's wisdom in handling such matters. Will she understand his need for control?
Patsy, young and innocent of the ways of the world. She just wants a wedding the same as every young woman. Now chastised and in the arms of the man she once worshiped, she learns complete submission is the only way she will regain his trust. To stay with him she must except a life very different from the one she imagined.


The definition of procurement to: acquire someone for prostitution.

The client placed the order, and he was willing to pay top dollar. Frank searches to for the one that will meet the criteria set. He stumbles upon her and makes his move.

Eileen refuses to act like the others and accepts her fate temporarily. Skillfully, she begins to out maneuver him. She molds to his will faster than he can define it. Her goal freedom.

Matt, older and wiser recognizes a game when he sees one. He thwarts her at every turn. Unexpected events forces him to reveal his own agenda. She now was now his end, but his means would require dramatic changes in all their lives.

It did not matter how many times he done this before each time he got antsy. The snatch; if it went well you were long gone before anyone knew it. If it went bad you could not run far or fast enough. Too many eyes made sure you got caught.
He watched the inside sign get turned to closed and practiced deep breathing to get hyped for the next stage. He not only saw but heard the clip-clop of her heels as the one he waited for approached her car. He moved to the rear of the van. He let her place the box she had carried in her trunk and counted to five after he heard the lid slam shut.
He hit the remote to open the side door as he swung around and moved up to her between the vehicles. Just as she realized how close the man was a strong arm reached and held hard against her mouth the second arm grabbed her around the waist pulling her. He pulled and rolled them together in one fluid movement into the back of the van and hit the remote a second time to close the door behind them. Dropping the remote and removed the arm from around her waist while keeping her pinned by his weight he removed the hunting knife from its sheath and placed it under her chin.
Her struggles stopped immediately.
That's a good girl, now if I removed my hand from your mouth are you still going to stay nice and quiet for me, darling?”
Please don't kill me please.”
He took her right hand and listened to the click as the handcuff snapped shut. Holding her hand to the floor. A second click told them both the second hand now joined the first securely held in place. He smelled her fear as she began to perspire from the terror of the unknown.
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