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I am happy to say Zeke Kincaid has been picked up by Sizzler Edition's so watch for it...

  The story about Zeke and how he found his woman will be the third book about the Kincaid men. Each of the books can be read individuality without that what am I missing feeling some squeals give. That's because the three books are not squeals .They each are a story about people who happen to be from the same family and the events center around the town of Paradise.
   The town of Paradise is a fictional town (I hope.) In the 1700's the first Kincaid settled there. As his family grew so did the town. What made this town unique was the way the people gyrated to a belief. The men were taught women needed to be in submission at all times and the women needed to be trained to understand what that entailed.
   So, the tradition of the Kincaid men were born. 
*these are adult books
Mine Alone is Charles Kincaid's story. It's odd what attracts one person to another. His attraction to Penelope was so strong and intense he wasn't going to let her get away. No matter how clumsy she was.

Kincaid's Way tells the tale of two men. Brian Kincaid the town of Paradise's sheriff. He didn't care for Ellen when first she came to town. He had a job to do. And that job was to make sure Ellen did not find her niece Patsy. Maybe, he just didn't like hats, but he sure changed his mind. Miss Ellen Trent would not be leaving Paradise after all.

Matt Kincaid who just happens to be Charles' son. Patsy and Matt feel in love the normal way. The trouble began when the wedding plans went awry. Soon Patsy found herself locked in the town of Paradise's famous basement in chains and about to be trained to be a good submissive wife.

Zeke Kincaid's Story.. watch for the cover coming soon!

So, please consider this your invitation to follow another Kincaid. Read what he has to do to secure the woman who won his heart. From a musical theater in Chicago to the home of Zeke Kincaid his Lori Ann will learn all the ways to please her man. Wonder what she'll think of her lessons?

Meanwhile, enjoy the very different kind of man... 
 A Kincaid man.. dominate, arrogant, alpha-male, egotistical, strong, loving, faithful man.

Here's where to find all of Betty's books with Sizzler Editions

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