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The days passed without Lori Ann seeing Zeke again. She relegated him to the recesses of her mind where he joined the other numerous men who pined for a chance to win the heart and body of Miss Lori Ann, singer extraordinaire.

The next day at Mrs. Mason’s Rooming house. A place for woman only, a small bouquet arrived for Miss Baxter.

The mixed flowers demanded she bring them up to her nose. The scents were divine. The card once she bothered to open it read.

We will be together soon.’

It was unsigned.


don't match but like wow..
Lori Ann flicked the card into the woven trash basket next to the dresser. She missed. The card gracefully as if it had wings took it’s sweet time and glided to the floor.

Hummph.” The second time announced she chose not to bother picking up the card as she flounced from the room.

Damn.” Slipped from her lips as she landed on the lower foyer.

Really, Miss Baxter,”said Mrs. Mason owner of the boarding house.

Lori Ann turned toward the voice.

Dear me, I’m sorry Mrs. Mason. I am running late.”

And it’s the third time this week. Still deary, that’s no reason for a young lady to sink to the debauched language of an uncouth sailor.”

Lori Ann agree with her—before she begins another high moral lesson on the virtues necessary for a single woman in the progressive and evil ways of the nineteenth century.

Two steps forward and Lori Ann threw her arms around the older woman.

I can’t ever thank you enough. Mrs. Mason, you are always watching out for me and reminding me to be the proper lady that I should be.”

A quick squeeze always threw the old woman off of her intended tirade, and a how I miss my own mother, no matter how many times put a tear in the older woman’s eye each time. Which gave Lori Ann the seconds she needed to get out the door without the lecture being finished.
Your late!” the stage manager yelled catching her in spite of her efforts to appear smaller than her five-foot and seven inches and slip past him.

Lori Ann hastened to her dressing room without comment. Three times a week the theater held matinées. The head usher who placed bets on her being late won more times than he lost. Four of the back stage hands were already pulled their two-bits from their pockets and headed toward the man.

The dressing room door slammed behind Lori Ann bumping her on her rear and announced to all the woman who shared the dressing she had arrived.

Betty the wardrobe mistress for all of the eight female performers pulled a soft pink satin gown the color of cherry blossoms from the chifferobe. She bent over and from the bottom draw pulled out the corset with the matching ruffle trim on top of the garment.

Pretty but ouch ouch..
If you pull the stays too tight, Betty, I won’t be able to sing.” Lori Ann complained as she was strapped into the foundation.
The woman ignored her and piled the gathered skirt of the creation over her head pulling it in place on Lori Ann’s body.
The music director has changed you to the fourth position. Even with that change you need to hurry. Here slip your feet into these. Now go.”

A shove from the woman propelled Lori Ann out the door. The same door that moments ago banged against her rear as she entered. She followed the familiar path to the side of the stage and waited.

Nervous tension tried to build inside her. A firm resolved—no, and she calmed down.

A quick peep through the tear in the heavy midnight blue curtain let her see another full house. Her sight lingered on the ten tables along the front of the stage. Tables reserved for the well-to-do or the foolish young gentlemen who would squander their money away to be seen with one or more of the performers.


Not him again.
Wonder who is was she saw? I'll never tell. Well maybe someday. Hope you stop in again.
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