Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Raging Bull

Zeke Kincaid's Woman

is this Sunday's excerpt Enjoy.

Do you ride Miss Baxter? He (Zeke) didn’t wait for an answer before he waved at Tom to saddle his horse and another one for her.

Whether she could or couldn’t ride apparently it didn’t matter. For if she couldn’t she was about to learn. He helped her mount. In a flash she turned the horse and galloped away down the path leading to what she thought was a pasture.
Not knowing what Lori Ann was up to Zeke let out a curse and quickly mounted his own stead and raced after his escaping woman.
Come back here you little fool.”
Of course, she didn’t hear him. She jumped the gate at the field and rode until she felt the horse tire and pulled back the reigns so the horse could walk.
Zeke’s galloped up behind her. Hearing him she dismounted and strolled over to a stand of trees. The exhilarating ride left her slightly out of breath and her heart pounding.
He dismounted and hastened to her. He grabbed her. She didn’t recognize he was angry.
You fool.” He hissed. Then taking in her messed appearance. The wild ride left her hair wild and free about her face and her rapid breathing. It excited him.
He said, ‟No one ever made my blood run as hot as you do.”
He drove his body against hers and kissed her roughly. She relaxed and returned his kiss. He came to his senses.
You fool.”
Zeke, I wasn’t trying to get away. I know how to ride and it felt so good.”
I need to punish you for this.”
He grew serious and she began to perspire.
You’ve been very foolish. Riding away like that and not familiar with the area.”
A frown creased her brow. ‟Are you really going to punish me. I sorry.” She pouted hoping for the best.
Not as sorry as your going to be. Look, behind the tree your up against.”
She twisted to get a better view and froze.
OH... My...”
Shhh. Just move real slow back to the horses.”
Do you think he’ll attack us?”
This mean bull—you can bet on it. Now, git to the horse.” He slowly edged them to his own horse. Lifted her and her swung her on top of the horse. He put the reigns into her trembling hands and told her, ‟I better find you sitting on the veranda waiting for me, or else. Now go.”
His stead raised up and headed back the way she came. Zeke jumped on her animal knowing Lori Ann would have a better chance to get away on the larger and stronger horse. He swung around in the saddle to find Lori Ann to be sure she made progress in getting distance between her and the bull. The bull now snorted and pounded his left foreleg in the dirt. The beast raised his huge head and turned toward the motion lower in the pasture.
Zeke wrapped the leather strips around his hand and yanked his hat off. The bull started to move slowly at first and the earth pounding under his hooves as he gained speed. Zeke shot out of the trees yelling and waving his hat.
Me. Here, come get me you lousy son of a bitch!” He screamed out as loud as he could riding straight toward the adversary. The creature stopped short. So short it looked as if he might loose his balance and fall. He didn’t. He slowed, turned, and refocused just on whom Zeke wanted him to.
A sharp jerk on the reigns wrapped around his hand and the horse reared up and Zeke whisked off a rushed prayer. The horse beneath him landed on all fours now set in the new direction. Two muscular legs mashed into the horse sides begging him to run as if his life depended on it, not only the horse’s life, but Zeke’s and Lori Ann’s as well.
The bull was faster. ...........

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