Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday Words..An Excerpt

Brian Kincaid the sheriff of the town of Paradise has almost finished the training of Ellen. Now, he needs to teach her to be able trust him in every aspect of her life.
Ellen's background of being used and taken advantage of has left her suspicious of everyone's intentions. However, she has learned not to break Brian's house rules.
                               An Excerpt:

Gentle days and passionate nights set the pattern for the next ten days. Until the ominous brown envelope arrived, that is. It was the hardest thing Ellen had done in a long time, not to just tear the letter open. Two reasons stopped her. One the piece of mail was addressed to him, and second even if it had been addressed to her, he read everything first. It was a law.

After a long day of nail-biting for Ellen, Brian walked through the door. Usually, he looked over the mail after dinner.
Brian, this came for you. Since it’s from my office manager, Mr. Olson would you consider opening it now. Please?” Ellen said hoping to influence him.
Smiling, he took the envelope from her. 
Oh course, if it will ease your mind.”
He tore it open while moving toward the lamp and read the three page letter. He ignored the pamphlets enclosed.
Well?” she asked, seeing him begin to refold the letter and push it back inside the envelope.
Well, nothing, Ellen, it doesn't concern you.”
Doesn't concern me, how could it not...” her lips froze shut, “Forgive me, you're correct it, doesn't concern me. Dinner is in the kitchen tonight. Is that, Ok?”
What’s wrong with you. All day you fretted over that letter, and poof, just like that it does not matter anymore. Insist he tell you what the letter said..Not now. I need to see to Brian’s dinner. So shut up, VOICE, and leave me alone.
It took four days for Ellen to learn what the letter contended. Today, together they sat in front of the solicitors desk.
It was a brilliant strategy, Brian. I’m impressed.”
Turning to her the man said. “There was a power play at Northern Steel. Your business manager seems very astute in these matters. His information gave us time to react before anyone knew what was happening. Since the company is extremely profitable, Brian did not want you to lose it. Kincaid Investments, purchased enough shares to force a sale, which they of course then purchased the company. Kincaid Investments then sold it at a loss fifty-one shares to you and forty-nine to Brian. There will be no more trouble from the new board of directors.” He smiled.
I just need both of your signatures. Here please.”
It was like seeing him for the first time. Through new eyes Ellen looked at him. He took her business’s away from her. Then protected her interest and improved her control. Why? She couldn’t fathom why.
You’re a hard-headed woman Ellen, but you seem to be coming around nicely,” Brian said, picking up her hand from the table as they sat finishing the coffee and sweet rolls.
Lately, every time he did that her heart seemed to beat a little faster. He kept his eyes on Ellen’s face savoring her reactions. He knew, she enjoyed him touching her. There was no denying he loved to touch her.
I did it to protect you. Because, I love you. Why do you find that so hard to believe?”
There it was out in the open exposed she could not deny it. The statement could not be ignored or pushed back deep in to the recesses of her mind, so not to have to face all the other questions that particular statement created. Like did she believe him? Or how did she really feel about him? Then, course the big one, how could he? She was hard cold and demanding. No one wanted her. They only wanted her money.
But this man he was different, he didn’t need or want her money. He said it many times and a few days ago stood behind his words.
Brian watched her the whole time, and he knew Ellen was about to stress herself with doubts.
Come on, sweet, I need to take you home and erase those doubts for the last time.”
Please, no more please, I need you. I need to feel you.”
Shhh... Sweet heart, I know exactly what you need.”
He touched her and.........

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