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Zeke Kincaid's Woman Book Release

YES,the rumors are true. The ever popular new singer at the Chicago Music Hall is missing. The newspapers say, Miss Lori Ann has a voice that will put her name with the greats like; Jennie Lind and Miss Langtry.  Ever since her disappearance her admirers have left no stone unturned.

Also, it's true only three people know where Miss Lori Ann has been keeping herself, maybe not keeping herself. More like she's being kept. The other two persons who know, because they're the ones doing the keeping.

For you see. Miss Lori Ann has caught the eye of Zeke Kincaid. Kincaid men once they chose a woman they tend never be seen again.

Unless you travel. If you visit the town of Paradise you just might be surprised at the number of so-called missing women living with their men.

First chapter can be read here..
Chapter two can be read here..

We skipped a little ahead in time:

The man sitting at the table furthest to the left sat straight up as if someone pushed a board down the back of his shirt. She giggled. Then made an ‘awwsound for the flowers he held matched the color of her dress. That was the latest effort gentleman callers were doing to impress the ladies they aspired to meet. They’d tip the wardrobe mistress to find out what color their lady of choice would be wearing for the performance. They’d rush to the nearest flowershop to purchase matching buds and blooms.
Lori Ann floated onto the stage. A vision of an angel in pink. Three lines of the first verse were lost to the audience, because it took that long for them to settle down. She sang a song made popular by Mrs. Lind. Not in tribute to her, but because Lori Ann loved the twenty-four ‘La’s in the chorus. Her voice rose to the occasion and held the crowd spell bound.
Lori Ann lived for moments such as these and no man would ever pull her from her first and only love.
Her final courtesy would leave the men wanting and the women wishing. Just a bit of cleavage enough so the males wanted to see more and the women wishing their man looked at them the way they did at Lori Ann.
* * * *
You were marvelous today. I mean you’re marvelous every time. Your voice puts a canary to shame.” Nervous man squirmed in his chair as he spoke.
Why thank you, Robert, you’re too kind.”
While he drooled on her hand all Lori Ann could think of was how extract said hand from his grasp without yanking it free. If only Uncle Samuel would return. He provided the protection she needed from these forlorn lovesick fools. Fools yes, but she needed them. These meals some days were the only food Samuel and she ate.
Second string singers no matter how wonderful they sang were paid poorly. The costumes, the rooms, carriages to and from the theater didn’t come cheap. Not in Chicago anyway and certainly not in this day and age.
Why just last week, Mrs. Mason raised her room rate to fifty cents a day.

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