Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inspired by Caffeine & Nicotine: ….And The Winner Is…

Inspired by Caffeine & Nicotine: ….And The Winner Is…:
This is Robb's response to my review!!!

" Well, dear readers, I’ve had my first review for Strangers on a Bus and I’m a little disappointed...."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review of : STRANGERS on a BUS

  OK, what do you say about a man who uses a toilet as a profile pic. I need to check, I think I deleted him from my Facebook following. I mean toilet? Who would have known he had a weird sense of humor. I just thought he was the icky sicky type.

OK, I admit a mistake. I have made few before. Would I have read his book if I did not find it emailed to me?

OK, I confess probably not. I was a winner of a contest. Hurray for me. Then discovered (Mmmm) I wasn't the only one of seven winners. Hey, two points for marketing strategies. Not being one of those who turns her back on freebies I opened the doc. Strangers on a Bus. First thought, what a hundred and thirty-eight pages. I'll just glance over it.

ONE hundred and thirty-eighty pages later. Had--I read his first book I definitely would have looked forward to this one. So, now I get to go back and pick up: Don't Go There! A Robblogger Look at Travel . Oh, I understand the toilet now.

WE join Robb as he prepares to travel back to Canada. He will be traveling first class by bus. To break up the tedious sojourn, he decides to document his observations for us. Oh goody. And yes, I do mean goody. I was not sure if the opening chapters were interesting enough, but I have taken almost the same trip many years ago. With that said, once the passengers boarded everyone can relate to the need to protect their space.

ROBB will continue to weave a masterful tale of fiction mixed with non-fiction and at times leaving you to figure out which is which.

GERTRUDE will come along and save the day. Her arrival also makes the book the charmer it is. Robb will carry you along so skillfully through the adventures they share that you won't care if Gertrude is her name or not.

I must not forget the many words of wisdom Robb will share with us. Such as why you might need two wallets? What should be in your socks?

MY favorite quote is: A man, who is good with fowl, has a rock, and a dream can make a deceit living... After reading Strangers on a Bus you'll understand the truth of that statement. It is absolutely worth the time to read one-hundred and thirty-eight pages


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hamelin's Child -- A review

Review of DJ Bennett's--Hamelin's Child:

Hamelin's Child opens with the lines, Micheal Redford died on his seventeenth birthday—the night Eddie picked him up off the street and shot him full of heroin and assaulted him.
There is an element of society so evil that some of us won't admit or mention. It is this element that Michael falls victim. Hamelin's Child will take through the emotion gambit of how one decision can effect a whole lot of people not just the victim.
But, first we must realize that there are those who would take any choices they can away from us. So, Micheal’s real story begins. DJ Bennett opens her tale with us following Micheal’s night out. We see how he falls into the hands of Eddie. Eddie a man with an evil agenda. All at once Micheal's life will never be the same. Never be what he imagined for himself. Never be the future his family envisioned for him.
As the weeks go by he has only one choice to make live or die. He will choose to live knowing the life he must now live is killing him slowly. He comes to realize the past is gone forever and the future is only today. He will never go home again.
His family struggles to learn what happened to him and they struggle in their denial.
Kate his sister fights to keep the search alive. Her reasons guilt, love, and preservation of self and family.
Ms. Bennett carries us along as everyone discovers there is a future and it must be lived. Even if it isn't the one they planned.
Micheal Redford died on his seventeenth birthday. He wasn't the only one.

This book will entertain you as well as make you think about your own choices and future when your finished.
To find the book:
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Procurement.. receives First Review

* new cover design

The first ever review is in. We want to thank you people At Ghostwriterreviews* for their kind words and 4 star rating.

Frank Blankenship and his partner Matt run a lucrative business that brings pleasure and pain in the same stroke of comfort. Ellen, a small town girl, finds herself employed unwillingly as a Sex-toy for a perspective client.

The book was very detailed in the events that took place. I could certainly visualize the scenes and my heart went out to Ellen. As a “visual” reader, I would’ve enjoyed it more if there was more detail that led up to the kidnapping. Overall, it was a good story that would make for a great novel.

Reviewer: Wanda
Genre: Romance/erotica
ISBN: b004hfrgns

    See Free read on top of page.. Chapter 1