Flash Friday

I thought I start-out with something clever and cute to say...Ooops, nothing came mind.

See why...

“You will learn to savory the touch, the smell, and taste of your master.”

Lisa knew only that she was confused. This was unlike her and yet? Here she was on her knees before him begging...begging for what? It no longer mattered whatever crumbs he threw her way she would eagerly gobble them up.

He knew for what she begged. He teased, enticed, and he lead her along until she could no longer deny him anything.

Butterflies filled Lisa's tummy unable to hold back the quivering of anticipation. Trembling fingers reached toward the man that soon would fill her.

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 Yep, I'm trying again and hope you  have as much fun as I am.

My Flash Friday:

“I don't know Margo, these pic's just don't cut it.” Jose had to sell these photo's. His reputation depended on it.
Margo bubbled an evil laugh.
She whispered to Jose. He laughed.
“Pepe, we gonna handcuff you for a bondage shot, okay?” Margo purred.
“Eh, okay.”
Margo thought, man are so vain, but a photographer has to do what a photographer to do. All of a sudden she grabbed the rolled-up sock from Jose and stuffed it in place.
“Now, what woman could resist buying these if her man filled them out like this?”

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Hi there. Well if your new to Flash Friday don't feel bad, so am I but here goes.

#FlashFriday is a one-hundred word snippet based on a photo:

I'm so glad that meeting's over. I can't wait to see if you were a good girl or not. Come on.” Tom pulled Jean down the hallway to the elevator. They didn't make it inside before his hands were all over her.

Master Tom, I always listen. See no panties ” Karen giggled knowing once his hands were on her backside roaming and exploring she'd be rewarded in the best way. She began rubbing his leg with hers until her leg reached on his thigh and held it there

Karen whispered. “Oh, Master touch me—touch me more.”
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  1. And it sounds like being a good girl is going to pay off in spades for Jean!! Very clever! I loved it:) xo

  2. How do I apply to be Tom's slave? I don't need a salary, just benefits. LOVED IT!!

  3. Very good. Love how enthusiastic she is.

  4. I am so damn jealous of all these Masters in the house. Master please, Master may I...damn it, I want to be a Master too. Ms. Betty, this is a good one. Thanks Much for joining our Group.

  5. AH shucks, you guys are so sweet. Thank you!

  6. Ooo, very naughty, Betty! I loved your FFF!

  7. What a fun idea! And you've realized it very well here. Love the pic, love the accompanying text.

  8. I don't have a subserviant bone in my body, so I have to ask, what do the disobedient get?

  9. very good Flash Friday interpretation of the photo.. enjoyed that!


  10. Nice (naughtly, actually) first effort! I'm with Benjamin, I wanna be a master too!

  11. Very hot and sexi post Very hot and sexi post

  12. I liked your story, although I have to ask - doesn't she have a gun in her hand? Now I'm intrigued why you didn't mention the gun. Now I think that not only is she hiding secrets, but so are you! (dun Dun DUN....)

  13. I LMAO about the sock!! So clever and SOOOOO true:) xo

  14. LMAO!!! That was great, Betty! Loved it! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

  15. A sock...too funny. Excellent FFF post!

  16. The ol' sock in the boulder holder trick! Hilarious

  17. Hey, the sock in the shorts trick is supposed to be a trade secret known only to men who know the secret handshake.

    Very funny Ms. Betty, I liked it

  18. hahaha, you just hit every men's pride!! love it!

  19. Say it ain't so about the sock! lol

  20. great banter, l'm now staring hard at the 'sock'!