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A Raging Bull

Zeke Kincaid's Woman

is this Sunday's excerpt Enjoy.

Do you ride Miss Baxter? He (Zeke) didn’t wait for an answer before he waved at Tom to saddle his horse and another one for her.

Whether she could or couldn’t ride apparently it didn’t matter. For if she couldn’t she was about to learn. He helped her mount. In a flash she turned the horse and galloped away down the path leading to what she thought was a pasture.
Not knowing what Lori Ann was up to Zeke let out a curse and quickly mounted his own stead and raced after his escaping woman.
Come back here you little fool.”
Of course, she didn’t hear him. She jumped the gate at the field and rode until she felt the horse tire and pulled back the reigns so the horse could walk.
Zeke’s galloped up behind her. Hearing him she dismounted and strolled over to a stand of trees. The exhilarating ride left her slightly out of breath and her heart pounding.
He dismounted and hastened to her. He grabbed her. She didn’t recognize he was angry.
You fool.” He hissed. Then taking in her messed appearance. The wild ride left her hair wild and free about her face and her rapid breathing. It excited him.
He said, ‟No one ever made my blood run as hot as you do.”
He drove his body against hers and kissed her roughly. She relaxed and returned his kiss. He came to his senses.
You fool.”
Zeke, I wasn’t trying to get away. I know how to ride and it felt so good.”
I need to punish you for this.”
He grew serious and she began to perspire.
You’ve been very foolish. Riding away like that and not familiar with the area.”
A frown creased her brow. ‟Are you really going to punish me. I sorry.” She pouted hoping for the best.
Not as sorry as your going to be. Look, behind the tree your up against.”
She twisted to get a better view and froze.
OH... My...”
Shhh. Just move real slow back to the horses.”
Do you think he’ll attack us?”
This mean bull—you can bet on it. Now, git to the horse.” He slowly edged them to his own horse. Lifted her and her swung her on top of the horse. He put the reigns into her trembling hands and told her, ‟I better find you sitting on the veranda waiting for me, or else. Now go.”
His stead raised up and headed back the way she came. Zeke jumped on her animal knowing Lori Ann would have a better chance to get away on the larger and stronger horse. He swung around in the saddle to find Lori Ann to be sure she made progress in getting distance between her and the bull. The bull now snorted and pounded his left foreleg in the dirt. The beast raised his huge head and turned toward the motion lower in the pasture.
Zeke wrapped the leather strips around his hand and yanked his hat off. The bull started to move slowly at first and the earth pounding under his hooves as he gained speed. Zeke shot out of the trees yelling and waving his hat.
Me. Here, come get me you lousy son of a bitch!” He screamed out as loud as he could riding straight toward the adversary. The creature stopped short. So short it looked as if he might loose his balance and fall. He didn’t. He slowed, turned, and refocused just on whom Zeke wanted him to.
A sharp jerk on the reigns wrapped around his hand and the horse reared up and Zeke whisked off a rushed prayer. The horse beneath him landed on all fours now set in the new direction. Two muscular legs mashed into the horse sides begging him to run as if his life depended on it, not only the horse’s life, but Zeke’s and Lori Ann’s as well.
The bull was faster. ...........

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Wednesday Words..An Excerpt

Brian Kincaid the sheriff of the town of Paradise has almost finished the training of Ellen. Now, he needs to teach her to be able trust him in every aspect of her life.
Ellen's background of being used and taken advantage of has left her suspicious of everyone's intentions. However, she has learned not to break Brian's house rules.
                               An Excerpt:

Gentle days and passionate nights set the pattern for the next ten days. Until the ominous brown envelope arrived, that is. It was the hardest thing Ellen had done in a long time, not to just tear the letter open. Two reasons stopped her. One the piece of mail was addressed to him, and second even if it had been addressed to her, he read everything first. It was a law.

After a long day of nail-biting for Ellen, Brian walked through the door. Usually, he looked over the mail after dinner.
Brian, this came for you. Since it’s from my office manager, Mr. Olson would you consider opening it now. Please?” Ellen said hoping to influence him.
Smiling, he took the envelope from her. 
Oh course, if it will ease your mind.”
He tore it open while moving toward the lamp and read the three page letter. He ignored the pamphlets enclosed.
Well?” she asked, seeing him begin to refold the letter and push it back inside the envelope.
Well, nothing, Ellen, it doesn't concern you.”
Doesn't concern me, how could it not...” her lips froze shut, “Forgive me, you're correct it, doesn't concern me. Dinner is in the kitchen tonight. Is that, Ok?”
What’s wrong with you. All day you fretted over that letter, and poof, just like that it does not matter anymore. Insist he tell you what the letter said..Not now. I need to see to Brian’s dinner. So shut up, VOICE, and leave me alone.
It took four days for Ellen to learn what the letter contended. Today, together they sat in front of the solicitors desk.
It was a brilliant strategy, Brian. I’m impressed.”
Turning to her the man said. “There was a power play at Northern Steel. Your business manager seems very astute in these matters. His information gave us time to react before anyone knew what was happening. Since the company is extremely profitable, Brian did not want you to lose it. Kincaid Investments, purchased enough shares to force a sale, which they of course then purchased the company. Kincaid Investments then sold it at a loss fifty-one shares to you and forty-nine to Brian. There will be no more trouble from the new board of directors.” He smiled.
I just need both of your signatures. Here please.”
It was like seeing him for the first time. Through new eyes Ellen looked at him. He took her business’s away from her. Then protected her interest and improved her control. Why? She couldn’t fathom why.
You’re a hard-headed woman Ellen, but you seem to be coming around nicely,” Brian said, picking up her hand from the table as they sat finishing the coffee and sweet rolls.
Lately, every time he did that her heart seemed to beat a little faster. He kept his eyes on Ellen’s face savoring her reactions. He knew, she enjoyed him touching her. There was no denying he loved to touch her.
I did it to protect you. Because, I love you. Why do you find that so hard to believe?”
There it was out in the open exposed she could not deny it. The statement could not be ignored or pushed back deep in to the recesses of her mind, so not to have to face all the other questions that particular statement created. Like did she believe him? Or how did she really feel about him? Then, course the big one, how could he? She was hard cold and demanding. No one wanted her. They only wanted her money.
But this man he was different, he didn’t need or want her money. He said it many times and a few days ago stood behind his words.
Brian watched her the whole time, and he knew Ellen was about to stress herself with doubts.
Come on, sweet, I need to take you home and erase those doubts for the last time.”
Please, no more please, I need you. I need to feel you.”
Shhh... Sweet heart, I know exactly what you need.”
He touched her and.........

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The trip to Paradise

And so, another SampleSunday is upon us.

Zeke, Lori Ann and Buck (his friend ) are traveling to Zeke's home town Paradise.
Along the way they make a stop.

Maybe, they shouldn't have....
Zeke's Kincaid excerpt:
It was the ‘Ye Olde Brews and Beds” tavern located just outside the town of Crisscross Creek that the coach stopped and the party of three departed. Each of them moaned and groaned when trying to get their stiff muscles to move.
The smoky atmosphere of the ‘Ye Olde Brews and Beds’ might have been tolerable except it was mixed with the odorous smell of their brew. Not the fresh yeasty aroma of newly brewed beer, but the stale slopped on the floor beer and left there forever smell. Lori Ann's nose twitched in response.
Even though the hour still early the public room seemed crowded. It wouldn’t be long before the those who over indulgenced would move, from the roar it is now, to the rabble rousing level.

Secure a room for us, Buck? Zeke asked.”
The room typical of all inns didn’t just feel cramped it was and smelled much the same as below. The men insisted Lori Ann use the tiny bed. Telling her the floor would be fine for it allowed each of them to stretch out.
Zeke decided to venture down below with the intent of swallowing down few brews. Hoping they might just help him sleep more soundly and after he returned up stairs Buck would do the same.
The noise level already moved up a notch when he arrived. Which was due to the three women now seeking attention among the dozen or so men in the room.
Zeke took a seat in the corner. The man carrying the tray of mugs with the warm golden beer topped with white foam passed and hesitated long enough for Zeke to grab one.
Well, looky here a gentleman has decided to join the us, peons.” Hal said.
Homer turned back to look at the man speaking to him. His face cringed, and he didn’t care. Hal smelled as if he hadn’t bathed in a week of Sundays, because he hadn’t. He breath reeked of decay from the seven teeth all rotten still in his mouth.
His hair, Homer knew for a fact, hadn’t seen a comb or brush in months, no he thought years.
The only thing Hal had going for him was friendship. He understand true-blue, watch you back friendship. Three times his actions saved Homer’s life.
It took a moment before Homer could see who Hal talked about.
While trying to look around the people blocking his vision Hal added.
You need to get a peak at the la’deee he’s with when he came in. A real neat looking piece of skirt.”
Homer’s cheek twitched. He couldn’t believe his eyes.
Kincaid.” He couldn’t swear if he mouthed the name or yelled it across the room.
The boss said we hit the Bloomville bank in few weeks. They’re getting ready to receive a railroad payroll.”
What?” Homer swung back in his chair to hear what he missed.
The bank job it’s on -- in a few weeks,” Hal said.
Oh yea, OK. I’ll be right back.” Homer’s chair slid back allowing him to stand and he moseyed his way to the other side of the room.
Half way there he swiped a fresh mug from the man carrying the tray toward one of the tables.
With new mug in hand Homer leaned against the wall right in front of Zeke. When he and the man sitting finally made eye contract Homer smiled and raised his glass in a mock salute. Zeke repeated the gesture and emptied the remaining brew down his throat. He stood.
Temple Houstons Colt 45
Homer stiffed and nonchalantly let his hand fall to the new colt firearm riding on his hip. His lips twisted oddly with a hint of the slightest smile. Well, the Colt was new.
 New to him as of yesterday. When he took it off the dead body of the man who had been shot in the back, by him. Not only did he now have the man’s gun, but he had the twenty-one dollars the man won from Homer earlier in a poker game.
Zeke after standing put the empty mug on the table, nodded at Homer and walked away thinking the man only wanted his seat at the small table.
Homer’s smile spread across his face. So, Kincaid didn’t recognize him. It had been a few years and he grew up in those six years. A boy changed into a man. A man just as mean and hateful as the brother Zeke killed six years ago.

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The Movie

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You've seen the cover. Now, see the movie.

Under the protective eye of her Uncle Samuel, Lori Ann wows the crowds with her voice. All types of men vie for her attention. Lori Ann after spending time with Zeke Kincaid learns the ramifications. Only it’s too late for her now. .....

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Zeke Kincaid's Woman Book Release

YES,the rumors are true. The ever popular new singer at the Chicago Music Hall is missing. The newspapers say, Miss Lori Ann has a voice that will put her name with the greats like; Jennie Lind and Miss Langtry.  Ever since her disappearance her admirers have left no stone unturned.

Also, it's true only three people know where Miss Lori Ann has been keeping herself, maybe not keeping herself. More like she's being kept. The other two persons who know, because they're the ones doing the keeping.

For you see. Miss Lori Ann has caught the eye of Zeke Kincaid. Kincaid men once they chose a woman they tend never be seen again.

Unless you travel. If you visit the town of Paradise you just might be surprised at the number of so-called missing women living with their men.

First chapter can be read here..
Chapter two can be read here..

We skipped a little ahead in time:

The man sitting at the table furthest to the left sat straight up as if someone pushed a board down the back of his shirt. She giggled. Then made an ‘awwsound for the flowers he held matched the color of her dress. That was the latest effort gentleman callers were doing to impress the ladies they aspired to meet. They’d tip the wardrobe mistress to find out what color their lady of choice would be wearing for the performance. They’d rush to the nearest flowershop to purchase matching buds and blooms.
Lori Ann floated onto the stage. A vision of an angel in pink. Three lines of the first verse were lost to the audience, because it took that long for them to settle down. She sang a song made popular by Mrs. Lind. Not in tribute to her, but because Lori Ann loved the twenty-four ‘La’s in the chorus. Her voice rose to the occasion and held the crowd spell bound.
Lori Ann lived for moments such as these and no man would ever pull her from her first and only love.
Her final courtesy would leave the men wanting and the women wishing. Just a bit of cleavage enough so the males wanted to see more and the women wishing their man looked at them the way they did at Lori Ann.
* * * *
You were marvelous today. I mean you’re marvelous every time. Your voice puts a canary to shame.” Nervous man squirmed in his chair as he spoke.
Why thank you, Robert, you’re too kind.”
While he drooled on her hand all Lori Ann could think of was how extract said hand from his grasp without yanking it free. If only Uncle Samuel would return. He provided the protection she needed from these forlorn lovesick fools. Fools yes, but she needed them. These meals some days were the only food Samuel and she ate.
Second string singers no matter how wonderful they sang were paid poorly. The costumes, the rooms, carriages to and from the theater didn’t come cheap. Not in Chicago anyway and certainly not in this day and age.
Why just last week, Mrs. Mason raised her room rate to fifty cents a day.

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