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#SampleSunday June26

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Ah, they say love is blind. I'm not so sure. But sometimes we just sense things. I know you know what I mean. Well, Ellen her had hints and her senses where working overtime. Yet, as any woman can to you, when a hunk of a good looking man is ogling you who cares about sense.

The set up:
After much pleading by Matt her missing niece's fiance, Ellen has agreed to let Brian take her to dinner.

The hotel where Ellen stayed
 When she stepped off the bottom step she looked up. Fortunately, she stopped the gasp from being audible. Cleaned up, the man she had labeled a buffoon was one of the handsomest man she'd ever seen. Like a silly young girl fresh from finishing school, her heart raced and her hand trembled just a smidgen. If she was twenty again, she'd probably have fainted, she thought.
Like a dog in heat, he ogled her until he realized what he was doing then stopped and offered her his arm. She did not take it; instead she fell in step next to him. He wanted to feel her, so he took her hand and placed it on his arm. She stiffened.
"Now we can go," he announced with the most innocent smile she'd ever seen.
Just as he expected, her hand remained where he put it. Platitudes and nonsense kept the conversation flowing as they walked to the diner. This time the gasp was audible.
"Ellen are you Okay?"
"I'm fine. I've eaten here before." She bit back the real words she wanted to say about the place he chose. (excerpt side note: every meal she ate here has been inedible)
"I'm not surprised you have. It's the only place in town to eat. Everyone eats here at some time, and the food is the best."
Well, he might be the handsomest man, but she had found the flaw. He had no taste buds. How any body could think this place's food was even edible was beyond her. However, she now understood how they stayed in business: no competition.
The sun was just getting ready to set.
"Would you enjoy watching the sunset? I know I do. Would you mind a table in the sun for a short while?"
Gads, she thought. Handsome and romantic. What man would ever admit to liking sunsets? Her heart raced a notch faster. Stop it, she ordered her heart. It didn't.
"Mr. Kincaid. We're so pleased that you and your guest are joining us tonight."
The waiter handed them one-page menus and left. Reading the paper, she decided on the mixed salad. How can you mess that up, she wondered. She hid her smirk behind the page, thinking of course it could come with worms.
He put his menu down and she followed suit.
"I'd like the mixed salad and the dressing on the side please," she said, hoping that if the dressing was as bad as everything had been, at least she could eat plain salad.
The waiter returned. "What have you decided on, Mr. Kincaid?"
"Mmmm, everything is always so good here, Sam. Tonight I'll go with the steak. Make it rare, please. The mashed potatoes, green bean salad. Oh, and bring a side of Nancy's famous slaw."
"Cornbread, or fresh bread with dill?"
"Your fresh bread will be fine."
"And the lady, sir?"
Ellen piped up with, "I'd like the mixed salad, dressing on the side please. If it comes with bread, cornbread I don't care for dill. Thank you."
The waiter waited. She realized he did not write down her order. It was a simple one. Maybe he has a good memory, she thought.
"Mr Kincaid?" the waiter asked.
She looked at Brian to see what the problem was. A cold shiver run down her spine.
"The lady will have the same as me. Thank you, Sam," he said.
It was in his eyes daring her to say one word. She acquiesced to his wishes.
"Thank you. The steak was my second choice."
He did not believe her and she knew it.
"I knew you seemed hungrier than a measly salad. Ellen, you need a little more meat on your bones."
"My bones are just fine and really none of your business, Brian."
Trying to regain some balance, she felt powerless sitting next to him. Another thing he made sure of: she sat next to him, not across from him. He was in her space, making her very uncomfortable.
With a smile to die for, he said, "Please don't be so touchy. When Patsy's found and the kids marry we'll be in-laws, sort of."
At this point in time, she wasn't sure how she felt about being "sort of" related to him.
The food showed up and the conversation stopped momentarily. It smelled as good as it looked. However, warily she put a dab of the slaw on her fork. She knew no matter how awful, she could not spit this out.
"Their food's the best, yes?" he remarked.
Maybe steak was their specialty, because nothing else was. If she could have found a way the lick her plate clean she would have.
They discovered they had a love of good food. She made no comment about the other meals she tried to eat here. They both had been to the famous restaurant in St. Louis, and both laughed when neither could remember its name.
"You know the one on Fifth Street," they said simultaneously.
"How about we share some coffee before we go."
Knowing she loved their coffee, she agreed and told him she liked hers black.
He caught the waiter's attention and when he approached the table, expressed appreciation for the great food.
"Now, Sam we'd like some of your great coffee. You know how I take it."
"Yes sir. Can I entice you and your lady to a piece of double chocolate pie?"
Laughing he said, "You just did. Fine, bring that too."
Taking her hand from where she thoughtless laid it in front of him, he sensually watched her eyes as he drew it to his mouth and planted two kisses on it. He felt her about to tug it away and tightened his hold. Not wishing to cause a scene she relaxed. He rewarded her by immediately placing it back on the table. However, he did not release it.
Wordlessly, they challenged each other. She insisted he stop playing with her. Unfortunately, never having met this caliber of man, she did not know he was not playing. He was testing her: depending on who you talked to passing his tests were either a good thing or bad thing.
Seeing her respond as the waiter drew near he tightened his hold another notch. There was a sparkle in his eye as she held firm beneath his hand. She decided to ignore him. What can he do with my hand in the middle of the restaurant anyway, she thought. She looked at her coffee. It had cream in it. Realizing she wasn't surprised, she raised it to her lips.
"It's also very good this way, isn't it," she said, again acquiescing to him.
He released her hand. However, she did not move it because she didn't realize it. He again had her mesmerized as he held the fork in front of her mouth, waiting for her to let him feed her.
That's it. I'm done with these games, she thought, and opened her mouth to tell him.
"Brian I..." He pushed the pie into her mouth leaving her no choice. Refuse it and drool on the table or accept it and swallow. It was good, and like chocolate it began to dissolve in her mouth. She closed her lips and he pulled the fork out. It might have turned out differently if she hadn't but she did.
"Mmmm. Oh, Brian, that's delicious. Thank you."

His heart pounded, his blood raced and the male part of him began to dance. He shifted and she let him feed her till it was gone. He didn't take one bite.

I know  you wanted to see the the town. So, here it is. A real "Paradise."

 Now that your here stay awhile and mosey around. .

Oh, and here two drink passes good at the town's saloon. Any drink of your choice. (of course they only serve whiskey rot gut at that)

Courtesy of Brian Kincaid sheriff.

Now the best part;tired of just getting the bits and pieces, then buy the book. Here's where:

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You gotta see this #2


Meet Molly
She's a grey speckled pony who
was abandoned by her owners when Hurricane
hit southern Louisiana . She spent weeks
on her own before finally being rescued and taken
to a farm where abandoned animals were stockpiled.
While there, she was attacked by a dog and almost died. Her gnawed right front leg became
infected, and her vet went to LSU for help, but
LSU was overwhelmed, and this pony was a welfare
case. You know how that goes.


But after surgeon Rustin Moore met Molly, he changed his mind.
He saw how the pony was careful to lie down on different sides
so she didn't seem to get sores,

and how she allowed people to handle her.
She protected her injured leg.
She constantly shifted her weight
and didn't overload her good leg.
She was a smart pony with a serious
survival ethic.

Moore agreed to remove her leg below the knee,
and a temporary artificial limb was built.
Molly walked out of the clinic and
her story really begins there.

'This was the right horse and the right owner,' Moore insists.
Molly happened to be a one-in-a-million patient.

She's tough as nails, but sweet, and she was willing to cope with pain.
She made it obvious she understood that she was
in trouble. The other important factor, according
to Moore , is having a truly committed and compliant
owner who is dedicated to providing the daily care
required over the lifetime of the horse.

Molly's story turns into a parable for life in Post-Katrina Louisiana ......

The little pony gained weight, and her mane finally felt a comb.
A human prosthesis designer built her a leg.

The prosthetic has given Molly a whole new life,
Allison Barca DVM, Molly's regular vet, reports.

And she asks for it. She will put her little limb out,
and come to you and let you know that she wants
you to put it on. Sometimes she wants you to take
it off too. And sometimes, Molly gets away from Barca.

'It can be pretty bad when you can't catch a three-legged horse,' she laughs.

Most important of all, Molly has a job now. Kay,
the rescue farm owner, started taking Molly to
shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation
centers. Anywhere she thought that people needed
hope. Wherever Molly went, she showed people
her pluck. She inspired people, and she had a
good time doing it.

'It's obvious to me that Molly had a bigger role to
play in life, Moore said. She survived the hurricane,
she survived a horrible injury, and now she is giving
hope to others.' Barca concluded, 'She's not back to normal,

but she's going to be better. To me, she could be a
symbol for New Orleans itself.'

This is Molly's most recent prosthesis. The bottom
photo shows the ground surface that she stands on,
which has a smiley face embossed in it. Wherever
Molly goes, she leaves a smiley hoof print behind.

If you feel like it, forward this and share it with all of the
animal lovers that you know.

God's creatures often reflect the character we aspire to.

 Hope you enjoyed learning about Molly. Isn't interesting how us humans when torn down to our core, we  have the ability to pick ourselves up. When you help pick some one else up whether a human brother or furry friends you know you did a GOOD thing.
Betty - Please  feel free to click and explore while your here. Thank you for visiting.

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Review of Erin Jamison's "Better than Eight Fantasy"

Review of "Better than EightFantasy"
      Well, can you tell me are eight children better than seven? Are eight dogs better than nine dogs? What about cats, tigers, and neighbors?

If you don't know Erin Jamison then you have no idea what she's referring to. Since, I won this book I had an idea­--but still??? I could not be sure.

I found Better than Eight to be whimsical. I found better than Eight to be poignant. I found Better than Eight to be a entertaining read.

Her story opens with Amara and her girlfriends having a bit of fun sharing a night in. Their chatter does not disappoint. Mara gets challenged. Will she raise to the bait?

You betcha, she does and meets Mister Wonderful. Like all good stories the road is not paved smooth. There is only one spoiler I'm going to share and this isn't it. To see how high and how low Mara's quest for love takes her go buy the book. (Ok, next time you win the copy)

Any way, Seva will make the most frigid of women think twice about on line dating.

Oh, and before you go if you think you know how this book will end, you'd be wrong.

Thank you, Erin Jamison for a delightful evening of reading.
Betty Carlton

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#SampleSunday June

Matt Kincaid has finished training Ellen niece Patsy to be the woman he wants her to be. He has taken her to his home to she have she holds the new man her beloved fiance has become.

Ellen still searches for her niece not aware that Matt has her. Brian, matt uncle and town sheriff has  made his own plans for Ellen. And that, friends is where we will pick the story up. 

An excerpt from The Kincaid Way.

Once alone, he turned to the woman and said, "I'm sorry about the mess downstairs. However, I think the quieter we are this time, the better, don't you?"

He moved to the door that held three barred cells behind it. He reached up to the peg and took the ring from it. The ring held five keys. The unlocked door silently swung open as he pulled it. He in an exaggerated bow swooped his hand toward the hallway inviting her to enter. She did. He saw the relief on her face when she discovered the cells were empty. At the end of the hall, he stopped in front of another heavy reinforced wooden door.
This time the lock groaned as he struggled to get the bolt free. The loud click sounded forbidding. Pushing the feeling aside, she blindly followed Brian down the dark steps. Another wooden door blocked their way. She had the desire to question what was so important that it was necessary for it to be kept under such severe lock and key. She didn't.
The room smelt odd. However she could not place the odor. She did recognize the damp moisture and earthy smell after the original odor seemed to dissipate. A small candle burned in the room. The small amount of light in the center made the rest of the room cast in deep shadows. As silly as it was, she expected someone to jump out at them and yell boo. Another feeling she disregarded.
"Ellen, please sit here."
She probably would not have listened, but the soft confident manner calmed her hesitation and she was trying to understand where all this drama and suspense was leading, so she sat down.
Handing an old newspaper to her. He said, "Here. You might find this interesting."
Filled with curiosity, she took it from his hand and opened it. The distraction worked. Instantly, she felt his hands grab her arms. By the time alarm signaled from her brain it was too late. He had handcuffed her to the chair.
"Brian!" she screamed.
He did not respond. She screamed louder and struggled with the restraints. This continued until she could only whisper. The sounds she now made were only small whimpers. Her wrists glowed red and sore from her fight to free herself. A fight to no avail. It became obvious she could no longer keep up her efforts. He lit two oil lanterns and the room glowed as its evil intentions became clear.
"Shall we have a little chat, Miss Trent?"
An apparent second wind took over as she hurled vile words at him. He stood and blew out one of the lamps and the candle. She heard his unwavering steps behind her.
"Perhaps we can chat later."

The wooden door closed firmly and the noise of the key grating in the lock only brought home the wretched predicament she was in. She resumed her frantic screams and struggles.
Sitting in utter emotional despair, she found the physical discomfort was also growing. Not even taking in consideration the now rubbed raw wrists, which had she just finished berating herself knowing her struggles to rid herself of the cuffs were for naught. A cramp took control over her left calf muscle tightening every few minutes just a teeny bit more.
However, right this minute it was bearable; how long it would remain that way, she was not sure. It was the pain in her right shoulder that if she dwelt on it brought the tears back to her eyes. Whether it was an injury from her resistance to the handcuffs or just a mixture of anxiety and tension of her ordeal, from the neck down and across the top of her shoulder burned as if hot coals were placed there.
Fighting the urge to let go and allow all that her body was dealing with to carry her deep inside herself, the fear of not returning to a sane place filled her with hate.
"Well, let's see if you have mellowed any while I've been gone."
She did not hear him return and she had no idea if he had left her for a few minutes or hours. Once the lantern burned out and she sat in total darkness, time had no meaning. Only freedom did.
He watched as eerie shadows cast along the far wall as the lantern he carried threw her shadow there. She squinted from the glare of light as he stepped in front of her.
"Have you missed me, Miss Trent?"
Shifting his weight to the other foot he held up the lantern higher to get a clearer look at her. He did not gasp, but he took a half step back. Her eyes, he thought. He expected that terrorized look the women usually got. Hollow, staring, waiting for the first sign of release. She did not have the look.
Overshadowing any terror was the hate he saw. It consumed her. If he let her go this second, even if she did not do it herself, she'd find someone. He was a dead man.
Steadying himself, then bending down level to her, he asked, "Are you ready for our little talk now?"
Her head bobbed up just a hint. Not sure how she managed it, but she did she silently looked deep into his eyes as if she would be agreeable. The spittle ran down his cheek and dripped, wetting his vest before he realized what she did. By reflex he backhanded her in anger. She groaned.
"Perhaps you need more time," he said to as he walked to the door, again leaving her in the dark, secured to the chair.
After the evening rounds he returned to the woman below. He smiled, well aware from the smell in the room she was now very uncomfortable.
"How you doing sweetheart?"
She didn't bother raising her head until she saw his boots come into her vision. With the pain across her neck and shoulder she had to ease her head up slowly. Their eyes met. He stood steady this time and no emotion showed. It would be harder than he thought to break her. And each thought he had of her his own body grew more impatient.
"It's not so bad you know, being a Kincaid woman. You'll never want for anything. Oh, and we're faithful true-blue till death do us part."

####################                       ##########                   ####################

Well, do you think Ellen will make a good Kincaid woman for Brian? The answer is in the book. Here's where to buy the book:

 The Kincaid Way on sale here:
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You gotta see this:

** No,You Really Gotta see this!**
As you know I don't use this blog like  normal people do. I just don't think I have enough exciting things to write about in my personal life.

Every now and then your day takes an unexpected turn. I received two emails from a friends and I just needed to share them.

At least I wasn't dinner!
Go away.

Ouch! This hurts but, bstill better than being dinner.

Alsways time for cat nap.
GOLD CANYON, Ariz. - The images are incredible. A bobcat that has scampered
to the top of a saguaro cactus -- and it was quite a climb! The photos were
captured in Gold Canyon, on the foot of the Superstition Mountains.
The bobcat was trying to get away from a mountain lion that was stalking it,
explains the photographer Curt Fonger. He darted up a40-foot saguaro, and
there he stayed for the remainder of the day. Curt Fonger and his wife Marta
are living out their golden years on wilderness' edge in Gold Canyon.
With over 40 years of photography experience, Curt recently had a career-defining moment. "I've never had the luxury of seeing a bobcat on top of a saguaro," he says. "Just a beautiful creature, he was displaying himself proudly, kind of looking around, probably trying to see if mister mountain lion was still around... it was almost if he was posing!"
Curt says the golden cat with amber eyes stared back at him, perched on top
of the cactus for hours. "He was pretty relaxed, he kind of laid on top of the saguaro, shut his eyes, almost as if he was sleeping."The bobcat eventually came down, but Curt and Marta are still riding high. "It was that Kodak moment I think every photographer lives for."

 Now here is a video you          must    see:

When your done watching go ahead lie to me, and tell me you where able to do this. Hope you enjoyed.

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This weeks Excerpt


Amanda never was one for the club scene.
In a moment of weakness she let her
friends and co-workers talk her into
joining them.

That's where all the trouble started.
He saw her. She was not his type.
He liked them easy. Martin Cole
would not take refusal lightly,
especially by a woman. He insisted
she dance with him.

The setup: Once Martin spied Amanda he was determined to have her. She, however, thwarted all he moves. Taking firm action in his own behalf his corners her and demands a date.

He knew she was very uncomfortable with him. So, he tried to low-key it in her presence. However, somehow he found that harder than he thought. It just wasn't in his nature. He had grown used to people listening and jumping to his every word. Especially women, they kissed his feet. They fought to get him to glance their way, but not this one. What he could not figure out was his attraction to her, in spite of it, or because of it?
Every now and then her hand shook. Her fear of him annoyed him. He began search to find ways to calm her down.
Amanda, I don't bit you know.”
No,” she snickered at him in disbelief.
His sense of humor came through again, “Ok, I bite, but I promise I won't bite tonight. They have the best salmon here. Do you like fish? May I take the liberty of ordering for you?”
If he thinks he's going to take charge well he's in for a surprise. Unexpectedly she found her courage and she attacked.
What do you know about my three friends? I think their missing and some how you're involved.”
There it was again that flash in his eyes. Then it was gone. This time replaced with surprise.
Do you mean Amy, and her two associates in crime? I didn't know they were missing. What makes you think so? And why do you think I had anything to do with them missing or not? You don't know me well enough to accuse me of anything?”
You opened up the can of worms, so better just charge ahead.“Well, for one thing I have not heard or seen from them since Friday night. Today, all three didn't show up for work and Susan has never ever missed a day since she started. When I left the other night I was upset with all of them, but now that I recall, they seemed scared of something, and you are that something they were scared of. Aren't you?”
I can assure you I did nothing to cause any one of them to become frightened of me. And you don't know me well enough to infer anything like that.”
You're right, I don't know you well enough and I don't know you well enough to just take your word for it either.”
He decided he would enjoy this. Settling in to the booth adjusting himself to get more comfortable. He watched her wait for his reply.
Well, let's see what I know. I know your, Amanda Winston. You’re from New Mexico, your twenty-six, birth date June second. You're an only child, both parents died in an auto accident when you were twelve. Your aunt raised you, she died two years ago. Sorry about that; loosing someone you care about hurts.
I know your ex- boy-friend Fred, was a two-timing s.o.b. Good choice in dumping him by the way. You work at Fox and Sons Advertising, and have been there for three years, and next month you're up for a promotion. If you ask me nice I'll make sure you get it. Do I need to tell you your driver's license information, or do you get the point?”
The point being you're a nosy son of a...”
Oh, look the waiter is here,” cutting her off.
Dan, please bring us two glasses of white wine. Two oyster soups and two salmon dinners make mine blackened and my lady takes her's broiled, light on the butter. Oh and, she wants the baked potato, instead of fries, with the sour cream on the side. Right honey?”
Got it all, Mr. Cole.” The man turned and walked away.
Once the waiter was out of ear shot Martin turned back and said. “Close your mouth, Amanda or the staff here will think you're a simpleton.”
Following his instructions she drew her mouth closed, and expected this 'dinner date,' to get actually get worse, as if that was possible.
Have you ever been to Argentina?” he asked and slowly begun to engage them both in conversation.
By the time the entrée arrived she was laughing. He had begun to tell her jokes. The jokes from his school years. The what do you get if you mix this with that and a few knock- knocks jokes.
Oh looky a recipe for Lemon pepper Blackened Salmon...YUM


  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon whole black peppercorns
  • 4 salmon fillets
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  2. Whisk together the butter, lemon juice, parsley, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Stir in the peppercorns. Dip the salmon into the sauce so the flesh side is coated, and set on a plate,
  3. Heat the olive oil in an ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat. When the oil begins to smoke, add the salmon, placing it skin side up into the skillet. Cook for until the flesh is seared and golden brown, about 1 minute. Place the skillet into the preheated oven, and cook until the salmon flakes easily with a fork, 10 to 12 minutes. Serve immediately. *
With a full belly we can now return to our story.
He had the waiter bring the wine bottle, and refilled both glasses several times. He asked for chocolate cake for dessert even though she begged I can't eat another bit.
Open up,” he said holding a piece of cake between his fingers and touching her lips. It was open her mouth or get a messy smeared face.
Dark penetrating eyes stared deep it to hers as he licked the chocolate remnants from his fingers after they had been in her mouth. He saw the minute she became uncomfortable again. Only he knew this time it wasn't from fear. She was responding to him and it surprised her.
Knocking her off-balance again he said, “I know it's still early, but I got work to do at the club, if I'm to leave in two days. Don't be offended if I take you home early, Ok.”
No, No that's fine. I had a hard day, and early is just fine for me too.”
He did not drive back to her office. When she realized he indeed was taking her home to her own place (Does he really know everything about me) she reminded him about her car.
Just give me the keys. It will be in the driveway come morning.” It was not a suggestion. It was not an offer. It was a command and for some reason she rummaged through her purse, pulled out the key, separated it from her other keys and placed it on the console between them.
Thank you, for a nice dinner.” At the same time she tugged at the door handle, listening for it to unlock she pushed it open and climbed out. He jumped out from the driver's side and chivalrously walked with her to the front door.
Panicking, that he would try to kiss her good-night she rushed to unlock her front door.
Without turning to face him she repeated, “Thanks for a nice time, good night.”
He knew her game and decided not to push.
I'll see you when I get back. Ok?”
She didn't answer meaning she wasn't sure. Not answering meant to him, sure Ok.

To find out if Amada ever softens up to Martin - it's in the book

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