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May 1 SampleSunday

Hello and welcome to my blog. It's again time for SampleSunday. This Sunday, however ,I am doing something a tad different. I will be linking you to other peoples blog. I hope you enjoy.

The first  Blog is Sexmarksthegspot. This week they did a very cute and Tasteful interview. However, the interview was not with me. Robert talked with Charles Kincaid and Penelope from the story
 MINE ALONE set in the 1800's. So, you'll here them relate the going on's in the town of Paradise.

This next link is a eroticflashes excerpt from my latest release: The Kincaid Way. This story  introduces us to Charles and Penn's son Matt. It also shares the later years of Brian Kincaid who is Matt's uncle. Both men learn how changes can strengthen a relationship. Please note this is an adult excerpt is UNcensured.

Here's a nice easy recpie for Peach Cobble *The Kincaid Way's Ellen's  father favorite desert


  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter, room temperature
  • 1 cup self-rising flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 (15 ounce) can peaches


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  2. In a one-quart baking dish or 9 inch square pan, cream together sugar and butter. Mix in flour and milk until smooth. Pour peaches and their juice over the top.
  3. dot  a few small pieces of butter on top  and spinkle cinnamin nutmeg  lightly oin top
  4. Bake 25 to 30 minutes in the preheated oven, until golden brown

So you can enjoy the rest of our  Sample Sunday Reads. Here are some of my friends links
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WELCOME To my version of Spring Fling for my AmazonKindle Ebooks. The first 3 books are only 99 cents. Enjoy this link will you to these ebooks on Amazon:

Amanda never was one for the club scene. In a moment of weakness she let her friends and co-workers talk her into joining them.

That's where all the trouble started. He saw her. She was not his type. He liked them easy. Martin Cole would not take refusal lightly,especially by a woman. He insisted she dance with him.

She was not going to, but she did anyway, she read the card that accompanied the largest bouquet of flowers she ever saw. He summoned her to show up at his club by nine o’clock. She chooses not to be bullied by him and goes shopping instead.

His lackeys were waiting for her. He grew tired of the games and now made sure she was where he wanted her to be. In his basement in cage until she understood his rules.

All she had to do was agree to dance with the man. Except this dance wasn't done on the dance floor.

The definition of procurement to: acquire someone for prostitution.

The client placed the order, and he was willing to pay top dollar. Frank searches to for the one that will meet the criteria set. He stumbles upon her and makes his move.

Eileen refuses to act like the others and accepts her fate temporarily. Skillfully, she begins to out maneuver him. She molds to his will faster than he can define it. Her goal freedom.

Matt, older and wiser recognizes a game when he sees one. He thwarts her at every turn. Unexpected events forces him to reveal his own agenda. She now was now his end, but his means would require dramatic changes in all their lives.

A Dinner Invitation
What happens when you invite the wrong man to dinner? Zva knows. She'll tell you. You get locked in the basement. Then the right nightmare begins. Until you learn to do as you're told.

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April 23rd SampleSunday


The Kincaid Way ...
is the story of the Kincaid Men.

Brian Kincaid: the sheriff of Paradise. Who after years of
being a widower he finally meets Ellen a woman that shakes his world up. Only she's not impressed with
him. Yet!

Matt Kincaid: the son of Charles from Mine Alone. He was not going to keep with the family tradition of training Patsy, the love of his life, to be in absolute submission to him. Until she disregarded his wishes.

Come along and enjoy finding out if there is such a thing as 'Happy Ever After' for them.

Your can purchase The Kincaid Way at Sizzler Editions...  
                                 Look for Mine Alone while your there!

The set up:

When the search for the missing bride Patsy turned up nothing. Matt the groom bids Patsy's Aunt Ellen goodbye. Matt arrives a few days later back in his own home town........

Matt got as far as the next town. He checked in with the local marshal.
    "This arrived for you early this morning." The man handed him a telegram. Anxiously tearing it open he groaned, thanked the man, and re-mounted. The missive made him change direction. He now headed for his home town.
The hundred and twenty miles on horse back were hard on his body. He did not care. He was home at last. Paradise never changes, he thought. He wanted to rush to see his uncle, but decided instead his uncle and new charge could wait. He first needed a hot bath. The barber shop offered tubs and hot water for fifty cents, and another twenty-five cent piece would a get man a shave.
    "Hello, Sam, the works please. Is your boy around? I'd like him to fetch me some clean duds from home."
    "Welcome home stranger. PAUL," he called for his son. "Come in here."

An hour and a half later, Matt entered his uncle's office, the Paradise sheriff's office.
    "Hey Casey. Is Brian around?"
Not even bothering to look up from his paper, Casey motioned downstairs.
A deep smile crossed his face. Man, I'm gonna love this. Walking past the jail cells toward the end of the hall he spied the heavy wooden door.
     Pulling it open he descended down the dark steps calling out, "Uncle Brian."
    "Here, boy."
The room's bad smell never changed. Dank, moist, and gloomy were the only words to describe it. Yet, this room is what made Paradise a paradise for some and the extreme opposite for the rest. For the men of the town—especially the Kincaid family—paradise; for most of their women folk, frankly, it could be hell.
It had proved to a hell hole for the young woman sitting in the middle of the room. Just minutes before Matt entered Brian painfully explained how she would be expected to behave as someone would soon be visiting her.
She started to fret and sweat covered her. Whoever Brian had mentioned was here. She blushed, even though she been stripped naked since day one. Having someone new see her in this state embarrassed her.
The new man moved in front of her. She gasped.
Then she screamed. "Help me, Matt help me."
    "Patsy, You been doing okay?"
Dazed and confused by the greeting she expected him to save her from the madman holding her captive.
     "Answer me, Patsy. You and Uncle Brian getting along okay?"
      "Matt help me... uncle?"
He saw the confusion on her face. She could not figure out why he would stand before her and not free her from the chains holding her to the chair.
     “Yes, your here because I asked my, Uncle Brian to bring you here.”
You?... Me?... Here?...Why?”
Why,” A deep smile crossed his face then he laughed. “Because I love you and I thought you loved me, but I was wrong wasn't I?”
No, Matt, I do love you. We were going to be married.”
Tsk, tsk and would you have promised to obey me? A lie that would have come so easily out of your mouth.”
It took a minute for his words to make sense to her. “It would not have been a lie. I would and will obey you.”
   "The way you did in planning our wedding? No thank you."
   "Our wedding? It should've been beautiful."
   "Oh, it was Pasty, it was. I'm sure you and your Aunt Ellen had a time of it. It was the event of the county. Why even the governor showed up. Yep, sweet Aunt Ellen. Or is it demanding, overbearing Aunt Ellen?"
   "I don't understand, Matt. She loves me and she liked you and wanted our day to be special."
   "Special for who, Patsy? Special for you, me, her or special for her high-class friends?"
   "For us." Questions filled her eyes as she meekly replied.
  "See, Patsy that's why you're here. You need to learn to obey your man. Oh, I tried; mother didn't want me to follow the Kincaid men, but you—you gave me no choice. Now you'll be trained and learn how to obey my every whim."
Finally, the fog lifted and she realized he was the reason she sat locked up here for days. She been taken from her home by his request.

Does Patsy learn her lessons? Or will Aunt Ellen find her and save her?
You can find the answers here.   On sale now
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Here's the link to a Sunday dinner at the Kincaid's

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Excerpt from "The Kincaid Way"

This excerpt is from the soon to be released sequel of Mine Alone. The Kincaid men where raised to believe no one, especially women told them no. A good Kincaid woman was trained to agree.
Brian, Charles' brother has met his match. Matt, Charles' son has found his true love.

Chapter 1 A Wedding

The quaint street lined with large majestic trees on both sides only had six houses on it. Houses that were home to the town's elite. On any given day secluded and peaceful, just not today.
On July 25th, 1889, a mixture of thirty-seven horse-drawn carriages, surreys, and buggies clogged the small back street. Music and happy voices surrounded the house. The hired staff in crisp, clean black pressed uniforms busied themselves catering to the people dressed in their finest attire.
Ellen Trent was hosting a wedding. That fact alone meant perfection; nothing less was acceptable.
The ceremony was set to begin at ten A.M. sharp. Everyone knew it would begin on time, which was a good thing because at nine-thirty, the heat had already become unbearable. The icing on the three-tier stunning wedding cake began to melt. Two pink roses, casualties of the sun's rays, now puddled as the liquefied pink icing dripped coral colored stripes down the side of the one tier. By the time the bride and groom would be ready to cut into it, there would be no way it resembled its former beauty.
A hundred guests stood as the familiar notes of the wedding march filled the air. Heads with smiles turned to see the bride in all her splendor march down the aisle towards her waiting groom. Except there was no bride.
Instead, they saw and heard a man stood yelling from the doorway. A doorway covered in colorful white, pink and yellow roses in honor of this special day. He had to call out his message three times before the musicians stopped, and the man standing in front of the justice of the peace jumped down the steps and raced toward him.
"She's gone!" the man repeated for the fourth time, "Patsy's gone, I tell you."
The groom grabbed at the man. Disbelief contorted his face. Two white fists pulled the messenger toward him by the man's lapel.
"What do you mean she's gone?"
"I went to fetch her. She didn't come out. I went in the house. It was empty. The back door open, and her horse, it's gone too." Sweat popped across his brow, cowering before the groom while he delivered his message.
In fifteen minutes the local sheriff chose a posse. In another fifteen minutes they were to meet in front his office split up and search for the bride. There were only two people who snickered about the bride having cold feet and leaving on her own accord.
"Matt, find my niece and please bring her home," begged Ellen Trent, the bride's aunt.
"I will, Aunt Ellen, I will."
He answered while he checked the Colt .45 making sure the gun in his hand returned to his holster with a full load. Checking the saddle and gear, he mounted and rode out of town.

Here's Patsy recipe to share with you all.

And for your poetry lovers this weeks  offering:

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Read about  Matt's dad, Charles and Uncle Brian's first wife in
                                Mine Alone
Charle Kincaid was taught growing up a Kincaid man; meant whatever he wanted he deserved.
He wanted Penelope.