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Free ebook surprise

The publishing industry is changing almost everyday. As a writer I have some books through a publisher and some books I have self-published. One of the advantages of self-publishing is having control over everything to do with your book. All my books are on Amazon and two are on Smashwords. Smashwords allows authors more freedom with the choices they can make about their books. And because they do I can do this:

A FREE COUPON for a free ebook:

Note: You CAN download  from Smashwords or Amazon any ebook even if you have.. NO.. E-reader

Today, please help yourself to not only to an excerpt but the whole book: every page, every chapter, and every word until you read the words THE END.

Hopefully you'll like it enough to purchase one or more of my other books:

for   .....Mine Alone
.........The Kincaid Way
or.....His Fifteenth Victim

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Saturday December 3, 2011.

A special day...Release day for:

This week saw the release of the newest edition to the scifi genre, Birth of an Empire book 1. This new journey starts amid a universe at war. As the characters struggle to survive, they find passion and a desire for peace changes their outlook. In time this new outlook gives birth to efforts for peace. These efforts don’t come without challenges and sacrifice.

Book one follows two teams of unique people in opposing species. As two accend to the level of Fleet Commander, they find themselves asking each other hard questions. Through love lost, betrayal, and second chances, these teams find a peace together that their species, as a whole, could not. You’ll have to read the book to find out if they are able to make that spread.

The author, Catrina Taylor has created a multi-site interview and scavenger hunt. The top three people to follow the hunt, win a free copy of the book.

Scavenger Hunt

Here’s how to play:

Read the questions and the samples at the bottom of the posts, then go to TheWritingNetwork .com and/or and answer the 5 questions OR the 2 bonus questions accurately and win a free copy of Xarrok’s first novel, Birth of an Empire part 1. The Top 3 responses will win a copy.

At the end of the sample on each site will be a link to another post and on to the home of the Scavenger Hunt.

Three favorite books? Of all time

… hmmm… Good question. I’d say Imzadi from the Star Trek book series, Around the World in 80 days by Jules Vern and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. That one infected me enough that I had to put it down at times to clear my thoughts, but never longer than absolutely needed.

How do you relax?

Ahmmm what’s that? I’m a mom, not much time for that, but I’d have to say Role playing/story telling on twitter is enjoyable. I love reading.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Play with my kids, read, work… oh, right, work is writing… hmm… I guess whatever comes up that’s appealing.

What secrets can you reveal about your writing?

I can reveal that my stories aren’t written out of inspiration to please others, but because I love what I do.

Tips for someone starting a book?

Keep at it. The first words often come easy, but filling in everything can be a challenge. Don’t let that deter you. Enjoy what you’re doing, and keep at it. Write for yourself. .. Oh, that might be a few things.

Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Birth of an Empire

Yatrell looked for his team and walked off to meet with them. When he found Anara and the others locking their weapons into active cycles, he ordered Canith to get Kappa team together. After Canith moved off to assemble Kappa team, Yatrell turned to Anara and explained, “We won’t have much time to move. They are appearing everywhere, as expected. They have no discretion.” He ran through his weapon to be sure it would still be useful and waited for the assigned reinforcements.

Anara looked at him for a moment. She noticed how his blood and sweat drenched shirt clung to his side and hesitated before speaking, “Pietro didn’t make it?”

No.” Yatrell took his assigned weapons and ranking vest from Set, his third and looked back at Anara, “I’m fine Lieutenant. It’s just a flesh wound and the bleeding has stopped.” His attention turned to Canith when he approached with Kappa team. “Good. Let’s go. We need to move fast. There is no telling what will come at us.” He pulled the vest over his chest, covering the dagger wound but not before the Kappa team leader noticed.

Yatrell, you can’t lead with that wound. I’ll get them down there, you go to medical.” The Kappa team leader, Masterson, stepped forward and Lieutenant Cree stopped him by placing her hand on his chest. He stared at her with disdain, but she didn’t move.

Yatrell snapped his eyes to the other Lieutenant Commander and in a terse tone he spoke, “You will remember your orders, Lieutenant Commander.” He fastened the vest, strapped his weapons into place and put his gun into a holster. “Let’s move out.” Both teams fell into rank and position behind him as they left the armory. They moved swiftly through the halls onto a mobile lift, killing every Ven soldier that appeared in their path. Once on the lift they readied their weapons, expecting engineering to be under siege as is typical of a Ven attack. The combined Dentonian team had operated as a strike team before. Often out in front of the main wave. This time they were moving into the heart of the battle, without back up. The intensity was clear on each of their faces.

The corridor the Dentonian teams had to cross was the widest on the ship. It was large enough to allow significant portions of the ship’s engines to come on board already assembled. Now, instead of engine parts, it was Ven soldiers that cluttered the corridor. Instead of large silver and black components being hovered over by engineers, it was short aggressive soldiers seeking technology and subordinates. Lieutenant Commander Jae and his team had no intention of allowing the Ven success.

Before they got off the lift, Yatrell stopped it and spoke to his team, “The themis grenades are the fastest choice. Don’t hesitate with them. We already know what they will do and we need to answer in kind.”

The other Lieutenant Commander scowled at him, “What are you talking about? We can’t use those in close quarters or on this ship! If we have one missed toss, we’re done.”

Canith and Set began to prepare their grenades, when Anara spoke up, “It should clear them fast.” Then she began to count and prepare her own. “Set your counts to milliseconds.”

We don’t have options, Masterson. At best, you’re looking at a hundred of those creatures outside that door. There are eight of us. You tell me what other choice we have and I’ll take it, but I can’t think of one.” Lieutenant Commander Jae spoke with a firm tone and prepared the two grenades he had on him. Lieutenant Commander Masterson remained silent and readied his primary firearm.

The defense team stepped out of the lift and into the vast engineering corridor. The eight man team was staring at the backs of more Ven than any of them wanted to count. Masterson stepped forward and knelt out of the way of those behind him. Anara threw the first grenade well over the Lieutenant Commander’s head. It bounced and rolled through the feet of the Ven crowd. She whispered, “And…” A moment later a flash of light was followed by the sound of bodies being singed and a small handful of Ven evaporate into tiny specks of dust before finally disappearing into the air.

Once the first grenade went off, all of the nearby enemy soldiers turned and opened fire on the small strike team. Materson, already in position, began firing and cutting down the numbers while the rest of the team threw their grenades. Each took position next to him afterward. Quickly the Ven numbers thinned out. By the time the Dentonian force ran out of themis grenades, they could see gaps in the crowd before them.

The command came loudly, “Back on the lift.” Yatrell continued to fire at the Ven as his team fell back. Once everyone was inside the lift he grinned. “I think that went well.” He gestured to Anara, the smallest in the group, “I’ll lift you through the hatch. To the left is one of the maintenance tubes. Climb in there and move along the sides. Every opening, drop or throw another grenade. It doesn’t matter what kind.” He looked at the rest of the team with him, “Set, Canith and Seth go with her.” Yatrell began to lift them up and out of the lift’s hatch.

That side ends before engineering.” Masterson spoke up as he looked at his team. “Everyone’s already thrown at least one theimis and we don’t have an inexhaustible supply.”

No we don’t, but there are other weapons on all of us that can be used, along the openings.” Yatrell chuckled, “Anara alone is a walking arsenal.” He gestured to his second in command and the numerous weapons she carried. “They will drop and make a run for the door. We’re going to clear the way.” Set was the last from the first group out of the lift and into the tube.

How? You can’t put four people out against a hundred, or how ever many are left after the assault.” Masterson asked with frustration evident.

I have no intention to. You and your team are going into the other tunnel. It’s ventilation and, like the maintenance tube, it has a few openings. It’s also a bit larger. Should make moving easier. You can repeat the same process and help to clear the distance between here and engineering. Yes, you’ll have to drop out, but that drops out much closer than the other tunnel.”

Lieutenant Commander Masterson nodded to his team, who were already preparing to climb out of the “What are you going to do?”

What I normally do. Something unexpected.” Yatrell grinned.

You can find the book through major retailers including the ones listed below.

Learn more about the universe around Xarrok at

Your next stop for the scavenger hunt is right here:

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Ebook SampleSunday Nov 27th

It's overcast and dreary here today and that makes it a perfect day for curling up on the couch with your e-reader.

Since many readers will be choosing ebooks to load onto their own readers or the gift readers they will be giving this year for the next few weeks I will be offering short excepts for each ebook I have written and hope you find something you like.

Mine Alone
Mine Alone  spent over six weeks on the publishers top seller list.
When the west was wild and a strong arm or a gun ruled.
Charles had both. He also had desires and once he saw Penelope, she was his for the taking. She resented his form of discipline. Only time will allow them to discover how a relationship can change from pain to ecstasy; from lust to love.

It was Monday, July 9, 1879. His life was simple, at least in his mind. Monday's meant, first a leisurely breakfast with his brother, and then a casual sit down when the weather permitted. Today he filled the wooden chair in front of the saloon for a while before heading back home. Home was a small isolated cabin just eleven miles from where he sat.
He was just skimming over the monthly newspaper minding his own business. The warmth of the summer sun made his eyelids droop. Soon his head slowly nodded as his chin pressed against his chest under his black hat.
When the first vibrations of the thunderous sounds stirred him awake, he stayed perfectly still. The rumble filled his head. At first it reminded him of an approaching storm. Then the clatter of three pairs of horses' hooves pounding on the earth and vibrating like war drums caused a quivering sensation in his gut, and its echoes filled his chest. Letting these sensations pulsate through him made him feel alive. When the noise stopped and the dust settled, everyone knew the noon stage to town had arrived. Today it was on time.
Well, the town folk referred to it as a town. In reality, it was a hole-in-the-wall. They named it Paradise. Those passing through did not get the joke. It looked no different than all the other small towns whose founding fathers had had visions of grandiose things on the horizon for the budding new town, visions that the muses never allowed to be fulfilled. The population of the whole county totaled three hundred twenty, soon to be three hundred and twenty-one.
Only the newest resident did not know she was about to be one. Penelope Carson planned to be living in Dusty Springs, and in two more days she would be getting off this stage to begin what she hoped was a new life.
Today however, when she stepped down from the coach her thoughts were on the decent meal the driver earlier that morning had promised would be waiting for her. Maybe, if she just had not slipped climbing down.
The Kincaid Way
"The Kincaid Way” takes us back to, Paradise. In the year 1889, most of the town's men folk believe every women need training. Even a good woman needs to learn what absolute submission means. The Kincaid men have perfected the method.  
Brian Kincaid, sheriff of Paradise, no woman seems able to rekindle that carnal spark, since his wife died almost ten years ago. That was until, Ellen came to town in search of her missing niece. She will not be leaving town. He discovers in her a woman unlike any other he has met. If there is a way to reach inside of her, without destroying her spirit, he will find it.
Ellen Trent, a self-sufficient woman found life hard and forgiving. As an adult no one would tell her what to do say or do. Until she falls into the hands of Brian Kincaid. Determined not to bend to his will. He claims her body and she submits for she can not do anything less. She tries to resist when she realizes he requires she submit more than just her body to him.
Matt Kincaid, chose not to follow his family heritage. He thoughts changed when, Patsy, the bride of his choice, disrespected him. Hoping to save the relationship, he acknowledges the family's wisdom in handling such matters. Will she understand his need for control?
Patsy, young and innocent of the ways of the world. She just wants a wedding the same as every young woman. Now chastised and in the arms of the man she once worshiped, she learns complete submission is the only way she will regain his trust. To stay with him she must except a life very different from the one she imagined.


The definition of procurement to: acquire someone for prostitution.

The client placed the order, and he was willing to pay top dollar. Frank searches to for the one that will meet the criteria set. He stumbles upon her and makes his move.

Eileen refuses to act like the others and accepts her fate temporarily. Skillfully, she begins to out maneuver him. She molds to his will faster than he can define it. Her goal freedom.

Matt, older and wiser recognizes a game when he sees one. He thwarts her at every turn. Unexpected events forces him to reveal his own agenda. She now was now his end, but his means would require dramatic changes in all their lives.

It did not matter how many times he done this before each time he got antsy. The snatch; if it went well you were long gone before anyone knew it. If it went bad you could not run far or fast enough. Too many eyes made sure you got caught.
He watched the inside sign get turned to closed and practiced deep breathing to get hyped for the next stage. He not only saw but heard the clip-clop of her heels as the one he waited for approached her car. He moved to the rear of the van. He let her place the box she had carried in her trunk and counted to five after he heard the lid slam shut.
He hit the remote to open the side door as he swung around and moved up to her between the vehicles. Just as she realized how close the man was a strong arm reached and held hard against her mouth the second arm grabbed her around the waist pulling her. He pulled and rolled them together in one fluid movement into the back of the van and hit the remote a second time to close the door behind them. Dropping the remote and removed the arm from around her waist while keeping her pinned by his weight he removed the hunting knife from its sheath and placed it under her chin.
Her struggles stopped immediately.
That's a good girl, now if I removed my hand from your mouth are you still going to stay nice and quiet for me, darling?”
Please don't kill me please.”
He took her right hand and listened to the click as the handcuff snapped shut. Holding her hand to the floor. A second click told them both the second hand now joined the first securely held in place. He smelled her fear as she began to perspire from the terror of the unknown.
Since this is a self published book and not professional edited is for sale for only :
99 cents:
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So you’ve heard of a blog hop? Well this is the first ever Fan Page Turkey Trot. You will get to discover some great new fan pages to like and win some prizes as well. Each fan page has to do with books and reading, and is linked to the other fan pages, so you will trot your way through Facebook stopping each time you find the turkey.

When you start your trot you will be directed to a fan page. Take a look around, see what interests you. Then go to the photo albums and click through until you spot the turkey. Once you find the turkey, you’ll know what to do next.

*Some pages will give you an instant code for a free download of a book while others will direct you to enter into a drawing.

Start here on Betty Carlton Books fan page..!/pages/Betty-Carlton-Books/188923114471788

Happy Trotting!

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SampleSunday Nov 6th an Ebook excerpt
 photos are from this site today






Part of "His Fifteenth Victim" takes place in Chicago, so I thought to give you a visual tour of the town. The excerpt picks up where Carl a friend of  Sandra's roommate continues searching for her. No one has seen Sandra for days...


 “I got you sucker.” Carl jumped up from his chair.

You sure, he's your man?” Steve asked.   
Yep, watch this.” He rewound the section of
 video he just looked at for Steve. Pushing play, he remained standing and now was over his friend's shoulder pointing, “See, the other guy is even paying him off. That's got to be money he put in his pocket. Right?”
It pays to have friends. Carl might not be anything special, but his friends were. At least the kind of special that he needed. Townsend Amalgamated Inc. was not what every one thought it was.
The first ten floors dealt with the usual things copper, silver, and gold. The eleventh floor through the twenty-fifth, however, dealt with the acquisition of government controlled elements such as uranium and plutonium. The security appeared normal but it was not. Carl had a mundane job and never desired more, but he had friends in the building. Friends on the higher floors. When it became obvious the local police would not be solving or even that they were that interested in the disappearance of Sandra Mitchell he turned to them.
Steve was the one who found the first clue.
Don't you find it odd that she disappears while you and Meg are out of the country. What contest did you win anyway?” he asked. It seemed as if the proverbial light bulb had been turned on.
His buddies found the video of the delivery guy right away. They ran the face recognition program and two days later they had his name, address and everything anyone could think of.         
It was the second guy somehow his back was to the camera's around the building, as if he knew where to stand. Since, no one wanted to lose their job, but everyone wanted to help, those with the higher security clearance moved slowly and very gently. Just yesterday the storefront down on the left from his company handed over their film from that day. The delay was due to the person in charge was on vacation and the staff believed the tapes had already been recycled.
The man was back at work for over two weeks before someone mentioned that the security at Townsend was even looking for something. Now, they finally had a picture of the man who paid the delivery man. It was time to talk to the delivery man.

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glad you stopped by and hopefully we can
visit next time for another Samplesunday! 

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Betty's .. His Fifteenth Victim ...

is on sale now : in the USA  and in UK

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ebooks Sample Sunday Oct 30th

Welcome back to Sample Sunday. After few weeks of a break in routine I hope I mange to catch your interest with some different excerpts.
First up is:

Here's Ellen writing to her business associate. I sure hope she remembers Brian's rules about letters ...  don't you?

The house rattled with the sound. She jumped from it, wondering if the whole town could have heard it.
He bellowed, “Ellen, get down and get down here now.”
The hair brush now tangled in her hair was of no concern. She sprinted into the library saw his face and dropped to her knees. She recognized rage when she saw it, and he was raging angry at someone. Her first guess would be her.
He leaned against the desk. Feet out in front and he leaned in a lazy manner belying his mood. That was proved when he stood and took two steps shoving an envelope in her face.


“Ah, I ah. I wrote a letter to my manager giving him instructions regarding my holdings.”

“Why... is it sealed?”   

“Brian, it's my personal business and of no concern to you. I have been here almost four weeks and he doesn't know my wishes.”

“DOES NOT... concern me. My dear there is nothing about you that does not concern me. Open it,” he said handing it to her.

Once she had taken the letter from the envelope he snatched it from her. He moved to the window and read it. Returning to her he nonchalantly tore the pages in to tiny pieces letting them fall around her as confetti.

“This will not go unpunished now go to your room and wait for me. You are dismissed.”
Dismissed, who the hell does he think he is, 'dismissed.' It didn't matter who he thought his was, she sprung wings and flew up the stairs to the green room.
The sun set, dinner was over, and she still waited. At two-thirty-four am. he entered the room. She would not risk it and dropped to her knees. Ignoring her he went to the secretary and pulled out the chair said, “Come, sign this.”
Easing into the chair reminiscent of how a misbehaved child moves she sat. He physically put the pen in her hand.
“Sigh it,” he repeated.

Her hand shook as she debated to chance reading it first. If to do so would anger him ever more?

“Anyone else, my dear I would not be saying this. Read it first, go head. It does not matter you'll sign it no matter what.”

He moved to stand in front of the unlit fireplace. She began to read. The lamp missed as it slammed into the mantle. Sheds of glass landed everywhere. She fled from the room, racing down the steps into the library knowing if she could lock the door she might make an escape out the window to the barn before he realized her intent and ride away.

She didn't make it. He pushed open the door before the latch found its way home. The next air-bound object was the whiskey decanter. It impacted into the door. The room immediately filled with the smell of the liqueur.

“So this is what all this is about money. Even you, oh, you had me fooled. Brian, money--all this pain for my money. I would have given you every cent for Patsy and me leaving here and never look back.”

“I'm not after your money.”
“That's not what that paper says. You want me to give you complete control and yes I read the clause you have the last word even over my own decisions. Just take me back to your basement and beat me to death I will NOT understand NOT sign this. Just kill me and forge my name to it. I'm sure you capable of such duplicity.”
He moved and she put her arm up to defend herself. Instead of her he moved to the paper and again tore this one to bits.
“There now, there is nothing to sign, come to bed.”
As if the last few minute never happened he escorted her to the master bedroom. He knew she would not understand, but tomorrow he would be demonstrating his love for her. He had thought seriously about taking her back to the room below the jail for her violent display.
The stairs leading to the room beneath the jail.
 Yet, that display opened his eyes to just what the extent he did care for her She would never see the inside of that room again. He decided to let her believe she won this round the truth will revealed soon enough.

And for you history buffs:
A1860 or1862 well something like that :)
A mail carrier's station and home 1800's

The Kincaid Way  can be purchase here: It's there you can learn just how and why Brian rules his home and Ellen....The Way.. he does.


Other counties:  Amazon under  Betty Carlton and or the Title.

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THE LION MAN by Melissa Harlow-Review

The Lion Man ...a novel by Melissa Harlow.
Ms. Harlow is a fellow writer at Sizzler Editions. So I was especially please when asked to review her latest book.
Oh, Ms. Harlow you are a tease. Now that's out in the open I can proceed.

The review:

Her tale starts when the world has fallen on hard times catastrophe has stuck. Like many before stories before hers to dredge of the earth survive. BUT wait.
When you meet Vaughn and Nicky you know not everyone likes to wallow in the mud. Here two good guys who just want to live without destroying others.
They stumble on Shandie. Vaughn and Nicky are realists and they have needs. Shandie needs a knight or two in shining armor to rescue her. She is being held prisoner by one of those dredges of the earth.
So a rescued woman should be grateful and want to take care of her hero's needs. Only, Shandie doesn't buy it. The drama begins.
Any reader who reads the after the disaster knows there's got to be more. There is. The Takers emerge and I say. “Not another- living dead blood sucking zombies.” 
Phew, no living dead blood sucking zombies. Just turn the page and you'll see, there are worse.
By the way did I mention Melissa Harlow writes for Sizzler Editions, so YES there's lots of sex, but I knew you wanted to know the plot. No matter why you read
THE LION MAN …........Ms. Harlow will not let you down.

The synopsis:Sometimes there are things far worse than a masterful man! Imprisoned by a sadistic tyrant Shandie has all but given up on the idea of escape or rescue. After the epidemic, the only people left alive that she has encountered have been evil. They are the takers. Human beings, without conscience, who take what they need, or what they want, including women. Easygoing Vaughn, and his adopted son Nicky, happen upon the trailer where Shandie is being kept. Wanting a woman for themselves, they don't take their plan of getting her all that seriously until Nicky is critically wounded. With food running out and no medicine, to Vaughn, the situation doesn't seem like it could get much worse- except that Shandie keeps insisting that there is something evil in the woods. Vaughn has seen the signs that she's right, but he refuses to believe it. When they all come face to face with that evil they find themselves in a sick world where women are slaves, and the men are something far, far worse. If you enjoyed BREEDING STOCK - and we know you did - it's a book that has just about everything for fans of hot, well-written BDSM erotica - then you HAVE to pick up this sequel, THE LION MAN By one of the current mistresses of BDSM erotica, MELISSA HARLOW! Cover: Sami Hursey

Here's the link to purchase The Lion Man for yourself

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Sample Sunday Sept 25th

This week is another treat: Two for the price of One! First, more poetry from a guest-author, and then a snippet from one of my most daring and dangerous books: The Procurement. 

Sometimes if your in the right place at the right time you meet someone with talent. I have meet such a person: thank you Internet. So for as long as he will let me share his writing with you. I shall do just that.  Hyperion's writing covers the whole gambit of human emotions. So, I know there will be something for everyone.


I want one day without dreams that make me cry
I want one day where I remember how to fly
I want one day without struggling to cope
I want one day where I still hold on to hope


You are an exquisite Dusky Rose, he said. 
Her nose and cheeks wrinkled in distaste. 
He looked taken aback, eyebrow raised. 
What's a Dusty Rose? It sounds kinda grimy. 
No, a Dusky Rose, he said, smile returning.
What's the difference? Tellmetellmetellme.

One is weathered and soiled, ravaged by weeds, 
T'other flowers as the sun recedes--
And the moon takes flight; 
The Dusky Rose gains her color at night, 
Its petals spread, it's nectar sweet, 
The fragrance is intoxicating heat.

I changed my mind; that sounds great!
Good, he said. Let's celebrate with Ambrosia. 
What's that?  Another exotic flower? 
Sort of. It's Nectar of the gods. 
She still didn't quite understand, 
But soon enough, it came to her. 


(And now a an snippet from The Procurement)

Frank whispered into her left ear. 

“You are not to say one word understand, not a word.”

She nodded. Thinking this would be easy there was nothing she would ever have to say this bunch jerks.

Every time someone greeted Frank she learned she was to take the position and stay until they or he moved on.


There was no way he would not be noticed he was tall and muscular. However, it was the commanding air about him. He strutted as if everyone needed to bow to him. And that's exactly what Frank had her do as he approached them. Only this time she remained in the kneeling position and her knees were starting to ache. They were discussing her. She wanted to spit and yell excuse me you... I'm right here, but she stayed in place and didn't finch when 'the ass' as she thought of him and she learned later was the High Master and their host, patted her head.

“Are you interested in selling her, Frank.”

Alarms went off in Frank's head, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. No one denies the High Master.

“Not yet she still has some training to go through.”

“I know, Matt, and you have the highest reputation for excellence in that field. When her trainings complete let me know I will make you an offer you can not refuse.” He smiled at the pun. Frank knew exactly what he meant.

Finally the man stepped away and Frank almost dragged her out of the room and down the steps to the car. He remained silent and deep in thought all the way back home.

Late into the night he held her while she slept and he fretted. Trying to show her off was a big mistake and he was not sure he'd be able handle the repercussions of this night.


You can buy the full story of The Procurement over on Amazon for only $0.99! 
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For many of us in the USA the weather has began to think about the cooler Fall temperatures. So don't forget to heat up your reading a notch.

Today's excerpt is taken from a series letter between Penelope and Sharon. If you haven't met Sharon she felt into Charles' brother's hand. The Kincaid brothers after the women learn who was their master were allowed to communicate. So  I hope you enjoy this piece form Mine Alone.

Mine Alone and The Kincaid Way are both available Now for sale: for the USA  and For UK

Thank you for stopping by.

Betty Carlton

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SampleSunday Excerpt & A Special Guest Poet

know many of you readers missed the double treats of an excerpt and poems or recipes. Sound the trumpets please... I found a very special gentleman who has agreed to shared some of his super writings with me and of course I must share them with you.

(Note..His Fifteenth Victim is still on the publishers top 5 best seller list. I am so proud.)

The set-up:   Owen has finally talked Sandra in to another date a real one this time. Wonder how it went?

The Ecerpt: 

On Monday night everything seemed like one of those nights nothing went right. First thing John the busboy called in sick.
Second, she dropped a whole tray of glasses. Not one of them survived the crash to the floor.
Third, while helping her, Vincent burned four peoples fries when he did not hear the timer go off. Fortunately he went back into the kitchen before anything actually caught fire or began to smoke setting off the alarms.
Then just before Owen was ready to leave Angie walked in carry Stephanie Ann.
I got called in to work early, and you're almost off.” Betty had her arms already open the receive the baby. Betty spoke first.
No problem she'll be Ok. We're closing soon. Go on.”
Angie handed the diaper bag to Sandra. With a quick, I'm sorry and bye she was gone.
She growing so fast, Sandra,” she said to Sandra and to Stephanie Ann she said, “Aren't you the biggest bundle of sweetness ever?”
Owen asked, “Babysitting?”
You could say that. Yea.”
Betty piped up with, “Owen, you like kids?”
I never really though on it to be honest. I don't hate 'em that's for sure.”
Betty shoved Stephanie Ann into his arms.”
They had the door locked and everything done five minutes early. Vincent took Sandra home.
According to her it was in a moment of weakness when she agreed to go out again with Owen. Betty snickered every time she saw the look of panic on Sandra's face. This felt like a real date. He picked her up at the diner. She insisted it be that way.
They ate a steak dinner at the local steakhouse and he talked her into a glass of wine. Everything went well in his opinion better than great. Is was when her took her home he learned just have great it went.
They were about two traffic lights from the diner.
Owen, turn here at this light. Turn left,” Sandra said giving him the directions to her apartment. She lived right behind the diner. He now knew why when he sat watching for her out front he never caught her. She 'd go out the back door and walk home.
Shutting off the engine he turned toward her. A blind man could see he wanted to kiss, but he held himself in check. She rewarded him for his restraint.
Would you like to come up for coffee?” He bounded out of the car in a flash and opened her door before she even picked up her pocketbook from the floor.
He did not need to say he was surprised when after entering the apartment he saw Angie sitting on the couch watching TV, and talking on the phone it was written on his face. He did think it odd.
Oh, good you're back, mom's not feeling good, so I'm out’ta here see ya later.” She flew out the door.
Was it something I said?”
Teasing him she said, “I'm sure it was. Two sugars and black, right?”
That's right, darling.”
Ok no darlings or anything cutesy. Wishing he could call back his word after he saw her narrow her eyes and the disturbing look on her face.
She excused herself and went to the bathroom. He took the opportunity to looked around and noticed all the baby stuff. He heard a noise and it reminded him of a cat. She came from one room and entered what apparently was the bedroom. Now we're getting some where and Owen decided to follow her into the bedroom.
Thinking she did invite him in after all, maybe she has made up her mind. He did not make it to the door before she reappeared carrying Stephanie Ann.
Babysitting again?” Realizing he jumped the gun and should be thankful he never made it through the door. He would have made a fool of himself.
Owen was in the mist of sitting back down went and he almost missed the chair when she answered.
No. I not babysitting. Stephanie Ann is my daughter.”
There was a hint of mischief in her eyes.
He left after the first cup and it was only half drank.
Well, Stephanie Ann, I don't think Owen likes BAGGAGE, and we have lots of it don't we. Honey.”

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Now for the treat I promised. 

Hyperion (of the Hyperion Empire)
has been writing great things 
for years and I want to thank him 
for letting us read it here on my site.

Take me away from everything that is not you
I do not recognize the life I thought I knew
Starts to taste the same - the false and the true
Take me away from everything that is not you

Hide me from myself and protect me from the pain
I'm cold and soaked but never learn to come in from the rain
The bad things pile up until there's too much to explain
Hide me from myself and protect me from the pain

All the twists and turns have brought me to this place
Exhaustion overwhelms me from staying in the race
I may not have the cleansing, even with your grace
But I will trade salvation just to gently touch your face

I will gladly cast my life and soul into the Endless Blue
Just--Take me away from everything that is not you

And I'm sure you'll enjoy the is piece he wrote as well.
Together in the Dark
Quiet conspiratorial conversation that only lovers know.  

She keeps her voice low, but urgent.
"I was yelling at you for your implication! 
I was yelling at you for taking my craziness and using it against me. 
Mostly I was yelling at you for thinking, even for a second, 
that I would ever ever ever treat you like anyone else. 
When I never let people see me, who do I let inside my head?  
Who do I trust and tell things to I don't tell others?  
Who else would I even offer to help simply because 
the idea of you being w/out made me so sad that I couldn't speak, 
but the idea that you would be sad made me want to die?"

He grins at her, trying to make her smile. 
"I'm not someone who loves, 
at least not very easily, 
but if I loved someone, 
it'd be you. 
But for now, let's just say 
I don't wish you any specific harm."

She hits him in the chest - but gently, and nuzzles on his shoulder.
She rubs his back and purrs against him, 
making peace with the soft heat of her body, 
letting him know it is okay.

He confesses how badly he hurts sometimes. 
He always puts up a brave front, 
but finally admits his frailty, 
and she sees how much it frightens him, 
that his body could fail him in such a way. 
Her heart aches for him, 
but then he says something that makes it stop beating. 

"When the pain is at its worst, 
I find my comfort, my anchor, my rock, 
my reason for hanging on 
in thoughts of you, 
in thoughts of us."

She takes his face in her hands, holding very still, 
and even in the Dark he can see how serious she is. She says, 
"Take me now. Impale me. So deeply I can never leave. 
I can't take away your pain. I'll join you in it."

He rolls her over, growling:
"I want the taste of your skin on my tongue. 
I want the scent of you filling my head and making me buzz. 
I want my hands gently, then roughly grasping your body. 
I want you to tremble in the darkness as I reach for you. 
I want you."

For a time, they don't speak.
There are sounds they both make, 
urgent sounds, even desperate.
Then content. 
But through it, they don't speak. 
They have no need. 

Later, holding her, he tells her, 
"Here, in the dark, 
in the stillness of time and space, 
I feel our souls entwine, and whatever else, 
I know it This is real."

She whispers back, 
"In the darkest hour of the night I hear you. 
Though sound you don't make, and sleep you don't wake, 
I hear you, and I respond."

There is no talk then for awhile, 
as desire again takes over, 
not the urgent need of lust, 
but the deeper well of a loneliness shared, 
an existence together, 
apart from all time and space.  
Words are no longer audible, 
as passion is the only language they speak.
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