Myrna Mele Writes Poetry

Myrna lives in North Carolina and has been nice enough to share
her work with us for April it is Poetry Month.

In the silence before I wake, I see
A bridge of dreams
Built by one’s own mind
Stretching as far as the eye can see
Into the mystical magical land of forevermore
Where time and measurement are no more.

Wispy, white fragments cling to its’ surface
These are thoughts generated in the dream state
They are alive with creativity
Trembling with emotion
They blow gently in the breezes
Attached only by a slender, silver thread
It’s strength determined by the mind that fed the dream

The bridge of dreams
Hangs suspended between two worlds
And as I walk there I am aware
Of the fragile connection that exists in this place
For everyone in the human race
Who wishes for a better taste of life.

If I cross the bridge
Will I return with all these creative, magical ideas in place?
Or will I lose them once I’ve awakened from my sleep so deep
To watch the bridge of dreams only drift away
And wonder if it will return again
To bring hope to a new day?
               DREAMERS PARADISE

There’s a land I know, where all can go
A Dreamer’s Paradise
It’s hidden beyond the Milky Way 
On past the silver stars that light the way

There you will find the brightest day
 of any you have lived along life’s way
Where the blue of the skies matches God’s angels’ eyes
And the sparkling streams rush through fields of emerald green
The sun shines bright and there is no night
For shadows do not linger here, in dreamers paradise

So come with me, cast away your ties
Look to the heavens above the clouds
There’s a bluebird to be found
In that special place beyond the mist
It will lead you, if only you persist
Explore and soar to the door, of dreamers paradise.

Let your thoughts take wing and your voice sing
Through your creations in dreamers paradise        

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