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Amanda never was one for the club scene. In a moment of weakness she let her friends and co-workers talk her into joining them.

That's where all the trouble started. He saw her. She was not his type. He liked them easy. Martin Cole would not take refusal lightly,especially by a woman. He insisted she dance with him.

She was not going to, but she did anyway, she read the card that accompanied the largest bouquet of flowers she ever saw. He summoned her to show up at his club by nine o’clock. She chooses not to be bullied by him and goes shopping instead.

His lackeys were waiting for her. He grew tired of the games and now made sure she was where he wanted her to be. In his basement in cage until she understood his rules.

All she had to do was agree to dance with the man. Except this dance wasn't done on the dance floor.

The definition of procurement to: acquire someone for prostitution.

The client placed the order, and he was willing to pay top dollar. Frank searches to for the one that will meet the criteria set. He stumbles upon her and makes his move.

Eileen refuses to act like the others and accepts her fate temporarily. Skillfully, she begins to out maneuver him. She molds to his will faster than he can define it. Her goal freedom.

Matt, older and wiser recognizes a game when he sees one. He thwarts her at every turn. Unexpected events forces him to reveal his own agenda. She now was now his end, but his means would require dramatic changes in all their lives.

A Dinner Invitation
What happens when you invite the wrong man to dinner? Zva knows. She'll tell you. You get locked in the basement. Then the right nightmare begins. Until you learn to do as you're told.

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