Saturday, December 3, 2011

Free ebook surprise

The publishing industry is changing almost everyday. As a writer I have some books through a publisher and some books I have self-published. One of the advantages of self-publishing is having control over everything to do with your book. All my books are on Amazon and two are on Smashwords. Smashwords allows authors more freedom with the choices they can make about their books. And because they do I can do this:

A FREE COUPON for a free ebook:

Note: You CAN download  from Smashwords or Amazon any ebook even if you have.. NO.. E-reader

Today, please help yourself to not only to an excerpt but the whole book: every page, every chapter, and every word until you read the words THE END.

Hopefully you'll like it enough to purchase one or more of my other books:

for   .....Mine Alone
.........The Kincaid Way
or.....His Fifteenth Victim

Sizzler Edition link

For.......................  Dance with Me*

For......................The Procurement*

For my readers from overseas check your countries Amazon Kindle list for Betty Carlton. All are there.

smashwords code is..  RV46L (new code as Aug. 30th) I hope everyone enjoys...A Dinner Invitation...
Thank you for popping in and enjoy your day,
Betty Carlton

* self-published book are NOT professional edited.


  1. Nice Blog.



  2. When will the next book be coming out? Your fans are anxious!