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  Zeke Kincaid’s Woman 
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 ‟Since your finished playing with your food let’s go for a stroll.”
She didn’t want to walk, yet Lori Ann knew better than to argue and rose to take his arm. Together they moved towards to garden. Zeke lead them down the path that crossed over the pond. In the middle on the wooden bride they stopped and leaned into the rail watching the fish below.
Lori Ann sighed. ‟I wonder where they go or how they survive the winter when the pond freezes?” It seemed her whole body sighed not having the answer.
He lifted her chin and turned her head to look at him. Exceptm Zeke didn’t want to look at her. He closed in for a kiss. The second their lips met he pulled the rest of her to him and savored the taste of her.
When he freed her he laughed carefree as child.
Come on lets play.”
Yanking her hand he led her across the bridge onto a small island.
A swing dangled from a large tree.
Want to play? Sit, I’ll push you.” He held the swing steady as she sat. Zeke gently pushed her, and each time he did a bit higher.
Finally, Lori Ann felt like she was soaring. The time the swing moved like a pendulum she’d closed her eyes when the move drew her higher. She giggled on the down trends. He steadied the pace for a while letting her just becoming one with the swing.
The swing slowed as he moved to the side and watched her face. She returned his smile. Before the swing came to a complete stop he reached for the ropes and stopped it. He moved still holding the ropes and knelt before her.
Zeke's hands slipped over hers. He pulled them free and covered her hands with his large ones and placed them on her lap.
Lori Ann, tell me what happened when someone took you from me.”
Silence, not even the birds seemed make any noise. The world waited for her to answer.
He tightened his grip on her hands to reassure her not harm or hurt her would come to her.
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Why do some men become obsessed with the idea of submission and total obedience from their womenThe history of the Kincaid men can shed a tad bit of light. At least about them wild Kincaid's anyway.

     The History of the Kincaid Family
Elias Kincaid’s father, Geoffrey hailed from Scotland. Unlike his famous illustrious ancestors who were well known for their bravery, Elias had another agenda. Rumors had it he could have taught the Marquis de Sade a few things. When word spread that Geoffrey was about to be arrested for--well let’s just say ungentleman-like behavior in one of his lady friend’s boudoir.

It wouldn’t have been so bad except the lady was Caroline Dansick herself. The wife of, Lord Benjamen Dansick visiting Scotland on the queens business. The warrant went out for two reasons. One: the lord himself wasn’t not included in the foray. Two: Lady Caroline now wore marks from the uncontrollable Geoffrey. These so called love marks prevented Lady Dansick from appearing at the esteemed banquet held in her lord and husband’s honor.
What really started the tongues wagging was when the lady herself fled with Geoffrey to the new frontier called, America.
Lord Dansick considered either going or sending someone after his errant wife. That was until, Henrietta Simpson smiled demurely behind her fan. Her bedroom eyes filled Benjamen with a new sense of adventure. The idea that Henrietta was twenty-two years younger than him had nothing to do with it, so he claimed.
New York Harbor, by Fitz Henry Lane, about 1855.(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
It wasn’t five months before both Elias and Caroline realized their mistake. Elias could not produce any references and now had to accept work as a lowly foot runner for a local shipping company. He delivered communications between the main office and the ships dockside while unloading and reloading wares.
Caroline not being kept in the manner she desired, left Elias. This of course was not a good decision, as she had no where to go and soon fell in to the hands of hoodlums. She found her belly full and her body clothed in warm pretty clothes again. But, she had to spend many hours on her back to keep them there. And those hours lacked the exciting luster that Elias had brought into her life.
Elias was not one to stay down for long and when his time came to climb up out of the slums he took it. Soon, he was sent to Washington to oversee the offices there.
It was there he met the love of his life. A sweet innocent thing she was. However, Mary Lou’s parents had spoiled her rotten. And she let everyone know by the constant demands she made. A braver man would have run for the hills, as they say. Not Elias, he rose up to the challenge in more ways than one. Mary Lou met her match.
She took to the bedroom rumps with great fervor. It was her disobedience that done her in. Elias had informed her he wanted fish for dinner and she foolishly served him chicken stew for instead. This resulted in the first of many to come disciplines across Elias’ knees as he pounded home his message. The enthusiasm for the climatic ending of each of these events pushed Caroline to greater incidences of disobedience. Which Elias again raised up to on each occasion. He never disappointed her. As she increased in her rebellion he increased in the arduous methods of control.
A pattern was born. Elias swore his sons would have submissive and obedient wives. so help them.
Caroline presented her husband with Silas their first of five sons. Believing the only way to a happy relationship Elias stressed to his sons the need and means to accomplish that goal. When it became obvious not all the sons’ women went meekly along with the concept, the secluded back shed was born.
Like their parents and grandparent before them the Kincaid sons knew how to succeed in life. Soon each man’s financial portfolio held assets well beyond the average man.
One of Silas’ brother’s wife not at all pleased eluded the family and made her way back to the loving arms of her family. Immediate action took place to arrest her husband for his hard handling of her. The laws during that time were very strict and in favor of the woman.
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Money talks, and after quite a bit of it traded hands, the woman was returned to her husband with the understanding she would be a obedient submissive wife. It was after this event Silas and his sons resettled and built the town of Paradise. No one wanted to deal with a scandal that a misbehaving woman might stir up.
It didn’t take long for the family to form an alliance or a better word might be syndicate. Rules for everyone’s benefit were set up. Protection for the women as well as disowning for those men who chose to abuse the arrangement. Kincaid women were to be trained not injured. Paradise was in a difficult terrain to reach easily. It took years before it finally became part of a stage coach run. As people discovered the beauty of the area the town grew.
The town council seated with only those man who favored the ‟arrangement” whether Kincaid born or not. They made sure those who settled there agreed with the ‟training” of the town’s women folk.
A new Kincaid pattern was borne when Markus kidnapped his beloved woman right in front of Bloomfield’s population. They were all guests at Lily Mae Brunts wedding. When the preacher asked, ‟Who objects to this woman being given to Samuel Parker III in marriage?” only one man called out. ‟I do. I object.”
Now, one man a crowd could handle. It was the ten other men in masks that kept the people in their pews, as Markus carried off Lily Mae, or maybe it was the ten shotguns they were holding. Whatever it was; the bride was gone.
So, twenty some odds years later the people of Paradise were not surprised when Marcus’ son, Charles made his move. When Penelope Carson stepped from the stage one fine day for the noon respite.
Charles Kincaid saw her. He wanted her. It was only natural that he took her.
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