Saturday, January 26, 2013

  Zeke Kincaid’s Woman 
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Meanwhile, back at SampleSunday:
just a tad more.

 ‟Since your finished playing with your food let’s go for a stroll.”
She didn’t want to walk, yet Lori Ann knew better than to argue and rose to take his arm. Together they moved towards to garden. Zeke lead them down the path that crossed over the pond. In the middle on the wooden bride they stopped and leaned into the rail watching the fish below.
Lori Ann sighed. ‟I wonder where they go or how they survive the winter when the pond freezes?” It seemed her whole body sighed not having the answer.
He lifted her chin and turned her head to look at him. Exceptm Zeke didn’t want to look at her. He closed in for a kiss. The second their lips met he pulled the rest of her to him and savored the taste of her.
When he freed her he laughed carefree as child.
Come on lets play.”
Yanking her hand he led her across the bridge onto a small island.
A swing dangled from a large tree.
Want to play? Sit, I’ll push you.” He held the swing steady as she sat. Zeke gently pushed her, and each time he did a bit higher.
Finally, Lori Ann felt like she was soaring. The time the swing moved like a pendulum she’d closed her eyes when the move drew her higher. She giggled on the down trends. He steadied the pace for a while letting her just becoming one with the swing.
The swing slowed as he moved to the side and watched her face. She returned his smile. Before the swing came to a complete stop he reached for the ropes and stopped it. He moved still holding the ropes and knelt before her.
Zeke's hands slipped over hers. He pulled them free and covered her hands with his large ones and placed them on her lap.
Lori Ann, tell me what happened when someone took you from me.”
Silence, not even the birds seemed make any noise. The world waited for her to answer.
He tightened his grip on her hands to reassure her not harm or hurt her would come to her.
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