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Sample Sunday Sept 25th

This week is another treat: Two for the price of One! First, more poetry from a guest-author, and then a snippet from one of my most daring and dangerous books: The Procurement. 

Sometimes if your in the right place at the right time you meet someone with talent. I have meet such a person: thank you Internet. So for as long as he will let me share his writing with you. I shall do just that.  Hyperion's writing covers the whole gambit of human emotions. So, I know there will be something for everyone.


I want one day without dreams that make me cry
I want one day where I remember how to fly
I want one day without struggling to cope
I want one day where I still hold on to hope


You are an exquisite Dusky Rose, he said. 
Her nose and cheeks wrinkled in distaste. 
He looked taken aback, eyebrow raised. 
What's a Dusty Rose? It sounds kinda grimy. 
No, a Dusky Rose, he said, smile returning.
What's the difference? Tellmetellmetellme.

One is weathered and soiled, ravaged by weeds, 
T'other flowers as the sun recedes--
And the moon takes flight; 
The Dusky Rose gains her color at night, 
Its petals spread, it's nectar sweet, 
The fragrance is intoxicating heat.

I changed my mind; that sounds great!
Good, he said. Let's celebrate with Ambrosia. 
What's that?  Another exotic flower? 
Sort of. It's Nectar of the gods. 
She still didn't quite understand, 
But soon enough, it came to her. 


(And now a an snippet from The Procurement)

Frank whispered into her left ear. 

“You are not to say one word understand, not a word.”

She nodded. Thinking this would be easy there was nothing she would ever have to say this bunch jerks.

Every time someone greeted Frank she learned she was to take the position and stay until they or he moved on.


There was no way he would not be noticed he was tall and muscular. However, it was the commanding air about him. He strutted as if everyone needed to bow to him. And that's exactly what Frank had her do as he approached them. Only this time she remained in the kneeling position and her knees were starting to ache. They were discussing her. She wanted to spit and yell excuse me you... I'm right here, but she stayed in place and didn't finch when 'the ass' as she thought of him and she learned later was the High Master and their host, patted her head.

“Are you interested in selling her, Frank.”

Alarms went off in Frank's head, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. No one denies the High Master.

“Not yet she still has some training to go through.”

“I know, Matt, and you have the highest reputation for excellence in that field. When her trainings complete let me know I will make you an offer you can not refuse.” He smiled at the pun. Frank knew exactly what he meant.

Finally the man stepped away and Frank almost dragged her out of the room and down the steps to the car. He remained silent and deep in thought all the way back home.

Late into the night he held her while she slept and he fretted. Trying to show her off was a big mistake and he was not sure he'd be able handle the repercussions of this night.


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  1. I'd take a master like that. I'd take a master like that any day of the week. GREAT JOB!!