Thursday, January 6, 2011

Turning the page 2


The music blared, so loudly her body vibrated with the beat of the music. Forcing her to hum with it. The lights were low. Everything more than five feet away from her was cast into the shadows. Moving silhouettes blurred as the forms swayed to the sounds pulsating from the twenty speakers throughout the club.
Why am I here? She asked then answered herself. Oh yeah, cause I'm stupid. For two years I've told them no, and here I sit today. Man, I'm weak
Susan, yelled something at her. Amanda, smiled back, hoping a smile was the right response for she did not hear a word her friend and co-worker said to her.
The music changed to a rap number. The music you couldn't ignore it was great. The words what she make out singed her ears.
Looking at Barbara, she shook her head back and forth, indicating this was and will be her last time here. There was no way she'll do this again. She watched as Barbara, leaned close to Amy's, ear repeating her dissatisfaction in coming here.
She knew the three of her co-workers made this a regular Friday night, no holds barred, the works done celebration. These three partied wild all week-end long. She would go home and curl up with a book, sometimes good and sometimes not. At least that was her new routine since, Fred the cad, no longer took up her time.
She had that look. The look every time she thought about him. Exclusive, she could smile about it now. She didn't know exclusive had two different meanings. Her meaning, no one else mattered in that special way. His meaning, when one woman did not know about the other woman. It was a good thing.
She made her decision; finish this drink and I'm going home.

Barbara's elbow nudged Amy and she mouthed, “Shi...”
Damn,” Amy replied.
The look on Susan's, face was one notch away from fear. Turning quickly to Barbara, she raised her eyebrow and nodded in the man's direction. Amy, mouthed, “WE know.”
Unfortunately, Amanda's, back was toward the man as he approached the table.
Amy.” Tilting his head in nodding recognition of her.
Martin... Nice band tonight,.” she said, hoping he was just making rounds as owners do to see that their customers are happy
Thanks, who's your friend here?” Looking down at the girl in front of him. The same girl he'd been watching since the four of them entered. His fascination of her surprised him. He was usually drawn to the blond bimbo type- free and easy. She was neither. She stood out different from the usual clientèle that frequented his club. She was a black cat at a white dog convention.
Her uneasiness with the loud music, crowds, and the club atmosphere in general was plainly clear on her face. Learning years ago women who seemed a challenge were not worth the effort, when there are plenty standing in line for his attentions. Knowing what he was about to do surprised him since he had no rhyme or reason, to why.
It was obvious to all of them meant, Amanda, since the others were regulars. Amy's eyes swiftly moved to each girl at the table and landed on Amanda's, beseeching her. Amanda heard the rich deep voice at the same moment she sensing someone standing behind her. Curious about the man whose voice she found interesting she leaned into Amy to hear her better.
The other girl yelled, “This is, Martin Cole, he owns the club.”
This is, Amanda, a co-worker she was just about to leave. You know the others.”
Amanda, saw her eyes turn from hesitation, to uneasy, to something very close to fear. She was just about to turn and acknowledge the man. When she felt his hands on her shoulders. She would have bolted except his hands were firmly holding her in place.
Bending at his waist he leaned close to her right ear and said, “Dance with me.”
I sorry, I was just getting ready to leave, maybe next time.” Shaking her head no. In case he could not hear her words of rejection.
It was her imagination wasn't it. Did his fingers just tighten his hold on her? Seeing three pair of eyes nervously looking at her begging her to accept his offer. Each of them were shaking their heads in the affirmative encouraging her not to refuse him.
Thank you, for asking though.”
He had not moved away and that made her uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as his next words.
I didn't ask you. Now get up and dance with me.”
A stranger demanding her to do something she rather not, did not sit too well with her. She was about to tell this jerk where he could go, and she would not be using any polite words either. It was Susan, that stopped her. She grabbed at Amanda's hand catching her attention, and leaned over to her.
Amanda, just do this, please don't refuse him. Just one dance and we're out of here, I promise. You don't know this man. Please, one dance,” She pleaded with eyes darting back and forth between Martin and her boss... .
At this same moment he stepped in front of her releasing her shoulders and instantly he now had her other hand in his and was pulling her up from her chair.
I don't want to dance.”
But, I do. So come on.”
Again not liking being forced to do something she rather not, “Look I don't know how to dance so pleas...”
Cutting her words short he continued toward the dance floor.
Then we'll just stand still and sway to the music.” He would not accept anything other than what he wanted from her.

The short walk to the dance floor gave her time to look this demanding man over. He was taller than she. Maybe as much as ten years older than her. If she had liked his type she would have to admit good-looking, very good-looking. Dark brown hair but not too dark tousled free on his head. It gave her the urge to run her fingers through to tame it. What threw her was realizing his hair would be the only thing anyone could tame. His eyes unlike his hair were dark almost black. When the thought almost black as his soul flashed across her mind she could not control the shiver that ran through her.
Smoothly he took her into his arms, and just as smoothly he had her tightly against him.
Please, your holding me too tight I can barely breathe.”
I like to hold my woman close to me.”
I'm not you woman. I'm your dance partner for this dance only. So Please.”
Not bothering to answer he just laughed. Realizing he had no intentions of easing his hold she forced herself to relax a little. Then she noticed he smelled delicious. Wondering why do some man smell so good when others just so-so. Good-looking, good smelling, and a sensual voice didn't matter she knew trouble when she saw it, and this man holding her was definitely trouble, trouble for her.
Her thoughts returned quickly back to their dance when she realized he was rubbing himself suggestively against her. She felt every part of him that intended her to feel. It made her angry he was taking liberties right there in the middle of the dance floor that he had no right too. And if the hardness he continued to mash against her was any indication he was having a good time, a very good time.
Too soon for him. None too soon for her the music ended.
Liberated; she felt liberated as if she just spent the last three minutes imprisoned by him. The sigh of relief was audible, and she did not care if he heard it or not. Yanking herself free from his grasp she headed back to the table, gave the girls a look that could kill, picked up her pocketbook and turned to leave.
He blocked her way.
I'll escort you out.”
Don't bother yourself. I know where the door is.”
He captured her arm and lead the way, giving her no choice in the matter. He effortlessly guided her through the throng of people. They passed out the door before she could figure a way to free herself without making a scene.
Once outside the air refreshing and cool compared to the stuffiness inside forced her to take a deep cleansing breathe.
Be here tomorrow at ten o'clock. I'll reserve a table for you.”
I'm sorry I have another engagement, maybe another time. But, thank you.” When she went to move away she realized he still had her arm.
Break it. Ten o'clock and don't be late.” Letting go of her he turned and went back inside.

"What the... Who the.. Go Kiss... I never...Just get the hell away for here Amanda,” she said aloud trying to regain her balance.
In a rush she scurried to her car and drove home.


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