Monday, January 31, 2011


I am here to gripe. A roll of the fluffy soft stuff just don't last like it used to. And neither does a lot of other stuff either.

Example 1. Tuna fish in the can.

In the good old days when times were hard the tuna sandwich was a treat. Ok, a real treat when compared with the old-stand-by peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Even today years later my darling children recall (and not to fondly)the tuna miracle I could preform with a single can of tuna. A thrifty idea learned from my mother. One can tuna with oil or now a-days water in bowel. Add shredded bread, chopped onion, celery, and you made four (or up to 15 per my children's version) sandwiches.

Not today. I took it personal, thinking I lost my touch. That was UNTIL, I noticed one brand of tuna had an ever so slightly larger can. After examining both, I learned the weight was different. Today's cans weight 5 ounces. A few brands are still 6 ounces, but rare. So, it wasn't my imagination there was more liquid in the can. They just adjusted the weight and most of us never noticed enough to question it.

Example 2. Mayonnaise

No story here just check your jar. When I grew up mayonnaise came in a quarter jar. When did the numbers of ounces in a quart change from 32 to 30 or 28 ounces?

Example 3 and 4 Pasta and Bacon now many are 12 ounces packages no longer a full pound.

Now Toilet Paper.

It used to be a roll seemed to last forever Not any more. I used the 1000 sheet brand. So, I checked still 1000 sheets per rolle. Today the dilemma was solved. I realized this fact.

My Husband and I are now retired and we are home more...Do you think I should count the sheets anyway?


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