Monday, February 14, 2011

Sometimes the Long Road is the Shortest Road.

After reading this pieceI'm trying to find if there is a moral. Is there one? What do you think?

How’s that you say. Well count the tribulations and then you tell me if I’m wrong
Your standing in the middle of the road and a sign at the fork says 60 miles to get there. The other sign says short way 10 miles.
Which one do you choose?
Most of us just start strolling down the short route no problem, and certainly a no brainer. Right!

The longway starts with a warning no water first 2 miles. If you took it you would learn the sign was correct. However, what you did not know and will only learn after you began is the road is covered by beautiful shade trees, and a lemonade stand handing out free samples.
The next sign tells you it will soon begin to rain and it rains for the next ten miles. Night falls you sit under the trees having walked 12 miles that day.

The Shortway
Upon waking you stretch and continue on. A mile down the road the garden scene now changes and there are holes everywhere on the road and you must jump over each and every one to get through. The first five are a cinch but the next one you slip on your jump and land inside.
Two hours later you finally mange to climb out. Thankfully, as you look up ahead that one was the last. In exhaustion you lay on the road and rest. Another two hours later you again awake to continue your trip. Darkness falls and you stop for the night knowing you have traveled three miles.

Day 2 Longway
The road bends and head down a mild downgrade. The extra pull of gravity propels you forward faster then you thought possible. At the end of day two. You realize you have traveled 13 miles.

Day 2 Shortway

Day3 Longway’s morning greets you with the birds singings and me move down the path. You see a large lake and begin to explore it. You discover a deck and boat. Climbing aboard you start the motor and the humming engine brings you to the other side.
A taco stand waits for you to choose you dinner. Between you stroll and the lake crossing you traveled 20 miles today.

Day 3 Shortway’s morning greets your now open eyes with a sign ten miles to g life’s goal. So, full of expectation and a promise to yourself, that you will finish today, you race on. The turn in the path brings you to a stop. An old tingling sensation runs down and then back up your spine.
A new signs tells you, two miles to top and three miles down. Your eyes look up at the mountain ahead. It is covered in ice glaciers. As you nodded you head in defeat you see all the equipment you’ll need stacked at the bottom waiting for you. A tad more reassured you begin your climb as night comes your mileage tally is two miles.

Day 4 Longway
Another mile down the road you spy a bicycle leaning against a willow tree. The sun dripped low, but you ended your travels on time. NO one waits for you. All you have is the knowledge you did it. And did it well.

Day 4,5,6,7 Shortway. You start re-climbing the mountain and the ice is slippery. The crevices deep and deadly. When the ice stops the rocks and boulders block your .You never make more than a half mile a day. NO one waits for you. All you have is the knowledge you did it. And did it well.
this morning breakfast is two of last night’s tacos, but you’ll live, so you eat them and begin your journey. A mile down the road you see a sign twenty miles today or forty more if you don’t complete the tour today. Downhearted, but not defeated you press on.
started with snow falling and you watch helplessly as if covers the road. So not only is the next miles treacherous you have to keep stopped to make sure you haven’t left the road. As the snow stops and the sun comes out you count the miles and you have moved ahead three miles.
begins with sunshine, and so full of vigor you start out. A half hour in to your day you find a water hole and drink all you can hold. Fruit trees line your path and you pick to choices one.
starts out without any warnings. In fact the sign say enjoy flower garden next two miles. So off you go. Sniff; sniff enjoying the wonderful smelling flowers until your allergy hits. To sick to go on you rest, and after taking allergy pill you fall asleep .They always made you sleepy.


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