Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yippee!!! It's time for Sample Sunday again. Please enjoy. Without further ado:
The set up:
Brad has began trusting Sandra and has decided to take her shopping. While at the grocery store she decides to escape him and seeks help.
The excerpt:
The nearest superstore was fifty-two miles away. The cart in front of her was half full and the list almost completed. Sandra became aware he left her side. She surveyed the isles she didn't see him anywhere.
Ahead of her was an olderly man. Sandra edged up in his direction. Stilling looking for signs of him--nothing. The mannow was three feet from her.
"Excuse me, I need your help. She pushed her cart in front of his blocking the way.
Repeating,I need your help, I've been...She didn't see him, but she'd bet her life that he stoodcloser than she knew.
"Please, I've been looking for Farina. I don't shop here and can't find the hot cereal.
He gave her the stop bothering me look, but at least he said, Aisle six.
"What was that about? The minute you think I'm not here you start talking to strangers. His eyebrow raised. There was a hint of aggression in his voice.
"Brad, I was looking for something and asked if he knew where it might be."
"Yes, right. She stopped in front of the oatmeal selections and pointed."Please that box right there. At least your handy when shopping for those high shelf items." Sandra teased and poked him in the ribs hoping to deflect his ire.
Back in the van she thanked him.
"Thank you, for the new clothes and sneakers. Maybe we can go walking in the woods if you'll allow it."
The van had an armrest between the seats, which she took advantage of, however, she regretted it when he captured her hand with his. She wiggled a little trying to free her hand from his. The response was that he tightened his grip letting her know he was not going to release her.
The engine roared as he pressed down on the accelerator. They were climbing a steep hill.
He yelled, Sandra.
Alarmed she turned to see what he wanted. He saw it, she didn't. They both suffered the consequences when the rental truck slammed head on into the van while the truck tried to pass a tractor trailer as it came up the other side of the hill. There were no squealing tire sounds as neither had time to react. Brad did jerk the steering wheel a hair to the right hoping to spare her the whole brunt of the hit.
The noise of air jack brakes filled the air as the semi truck slowed to a stop several hundred feet past the scene of mangled metal. He did not bother rushing to the area. There was no way he could help the victims if any survived, which did not look as if any one could have. He opened his cell phone and dialed 911.Climbing down from the cab he set outtwo flares hoping others coming over the hillwould slow down enough to not add themselves to the horrific sight.
This was the country and it took just shy of twenty-sevenminutes for the firstemergency vehicles to arrive. The officer that interviewed Robert Gleason the semi driver was thorough. When Robert asked about the people involved, the officer shook his head and told him it didn't look good. Two dead and the rest where still trapped inside, so he didn't know, but he'd be shocked if anybody survived this one. Once the officer released him from the scene he drove the rest of his three hour trip home with sweaty palms.

SergeantRamseur incident coordinator released the two bodies of both men to the coroner.
The jaws of life pushed apart the distorted metalthat the impact forced together. Inch by inch the progress was slow.
Someone yelled, EMT needed here.”...........
Someone survives but who....? And in what physical condition...?
I'll never tell--but my book will. ON sale now:

Thank you for giving me your time. I know have valuable it is.
I hope  you return next week: same place -same time.
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