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SampleSunday Excerpt & A Special Guest Poet

know many of you readers missed the double treats of an excerpt and poems or recipes. Sound the trumpets please... I found a very special gentleman who has agreed to shared some of his super writings with me and of course I must share them with you.

(Note..His Fifteenth Victim is still on the publishers top 5 best seller list. I am so proud.)

The set-up:   Owen has finally talked Sandra in to another date a real one this time. Wonder how it went?

The Ecerpt: 

On Monday night everything seemed like one of those nights nothing went right. First thing John the busboy called in sick.
Second, she dropped a whole tray of glasses. Not one of them survived the crash to the floor.
Third, while helping her, Vincent burned four peoples fries when he did not hear the timer go off. Fortunately he went back into the kitchen before anything actually caught fire or began to smoke setting off the alarms.
Then just before Owen was ready to leave Angie walked in carry Stephanie Ann.
I got called in to work early, and you're almost off.” Betty had her arms already open the receive the baby. Betty spoke first.
No problem she'll be Ok. We're closing soon. Go on.”
Angie handed the diaper bag to Sandra. With a quick, I'm sorry and bye she was gone.
She growing so fast, Sandra,” she said to Sandra and to Stephanie Ann she said, “Aren't you the biggest bundle of sweetness ever?”
Owen asked, “Babysitting?”
You could say that. Yea.”
Betty piped up with, “Owen, you like kids?”
I never really though on it to be honest. I don't hate 'em that's for sure.”
Betty shoved Stephanie Ann into his arms.”
They had the door locked and everything done five minutes early. Vincent took Sandra home.
According to her it was in a moment of weakness when she agreed to go out again with Owen. Betty snickered every time she saw the look of panic on Sandra's face. This felt like a real date. He picked her up at the diner. She insisted it be that way.
They ate a steak dinner at the local steakhouse and he talked her into a glass of wine. Everything went well in his opinion better than great. Is was when her took her home he learned just have great it went.
They were about two traffic lights from the diner.
Owen, turn here at this light. Turn left,” Sandra said giving him the directions to her apartment. She lived right behind the diner. He now knew why when he sat watching for her out front he never caught her. She 'd go out the back door and walk home.
Shutting off the engine he turned toward her. A blind man could see he wanted to kiss, but he held himself in check. She rewarded him for his restraint.
Would you like to come up for coffee?” He bounded out of the car in a flash and opened her door before she even picked up her pocketbook from the floor.
He did not need to say he was surprised when after entering the apartment he saw Angie sitting on the couch watching TV, and talking on the phone it was written on his face. He did think it odd.
Oh, good you're back, mom's not feeling good, so I'm out’ta here see ya later.” She flew out the door.
Was it something I said?”
Teasing him she said, “I'm sure it was. Two sugars and black, right?”
That's right, darling.”
Ok no darlings or anything cutesy. Wishing he could call back his word after he saw her narrow her eyes and the disturbing look on her face.
She excused herself and went to the bathroom. He took the opportunity to looked around and noticed all the baby stuff. He heard a noise and it reminded him of a cat. She came from one room and entered what apparently was the bedroom. Now we're getting some where and Owen decided to follow her into the bedroom.
Thinking she did invite him in after all, maybe she has made up her mind. He did not make it to the door before she reappeared carrying Stephanie Ann.
Babysitting again?” Realizing he jumped the gun and should be thankful he never made it through the door. He would have made a fool of himself.
Owen was in the mist of sitting back down went and he almost missed the chair when she answered.
No. I not babysitting. Stephanie Ann is my daughter.”
There was a hint of mischief in her eyes.
He left after the first cup and it was only half drank.
Well, Stephanie Ann, I don't think Owen likes BAGGAGE, and we have lots of it don't we. Honey.”

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Now for the treat I promised. 

Hyperion (of the Hyperion Empire)
has been writing great things 
for years and I want to thank him 
for letting us read it here on my site.

Take me away from everything that is not you
I do not recognize the life I thought I knew
Starts to taste the same - the false and the true
Take me away from everything that is not you

Hide me from myself and protect me from the pain
I'm cold and soaked but never learn to come in from the rain
The bad things pile up until there's too much to explain
Hide me from myself and protect me from the pain

All the twists and turns have brought me to this place
Exhaustion overwhelms me from staying in the race
I may not have the cleansing, even with your grace
But I will trade salvation just to gently touch your face

I will gladly cast my life and soul into the Endless Blue
Just--Take me away from everything that is not you

And I'm sure you'll enjoy the is piece he wrote as well.
Together in the Dark
Quiet conspiratorial conversation that only lovers know.  

She keeps her voice low, but urgent.
"I was yelling at you for your implication! 
I was yelling at you for taking my craziness and using it against me. 
Mostly I was yelling at you for thinking, even for a second, 
that I would ever ever ever treat you like anyone else. 
When I never let people see me, who do I let inside my head?  
Who do I trust and tell things to I don't tell others?  
Who else would I even offer to help simply because 
the idea of you being w/out made me so sad that I couldn't speak, 
but the idea that you would be sad made me want to die?"

He grins at her, trying to make her smile. 
"I'm not someone who loves, 
at least not very easily, 
but if I loved someone, 
it'd be you. 
But for now, let's just say 
I don't wish you any specific harm."

She hits him in the chest - but gently, and nuzzles on his shoulder.
She rubs his back and purrs against him, 
making peace with the soft heat of her body, 
letting him know it is okay.

He confesses how badly he hurts sometimes. 
He always puts up a brave front, 
but finally admits his frailty, 
and she sees how much it frightens him, 
that his body could fail him in such a way. 
Her heart aches for him, 
but then he says something that makes it stop beating. 

"When the pain is at its worst, 
I find my comfort, my anchor, my rock, 
my reason for hanging on 
in thoughts of you, 
in thoughts of us."

She takes his face in her hands, holding very still, 
and even in the Dark he can see how serious she is. She says, 
"Take me now. Impale me. So deeply I can never leave. 
I can't take away your pain. I'll join you in it."

He rolls her over, growling:
"I want the taste of your skin on my tongue. 
I want the scent of you filling my head and making me buzz. 
I want my hands gently, then roughly grasping your body. 
I want you to tremble in the darkness as I reach for you. 
I want you."

For a time, they don't speak.
There are sounds they both make, 
urgent sounds, even desperate.
Then content. 
But through it, they don't speak. 
They have no need. 

Later, holding her, he tells her, 
"Here, in the dark, 
in the stillness of time and space, 
I feel our souls entwine, and whatever else, 
I know it This is real."

She whispers back, 
"In the darkest hour of the night I hear you. 
Though sound you don't make, and sleep you don't wake, 
I hear you, and I respond."

There is no talk then for awhile, 
as desire again takes over, 
not the urgent need of lust, 
but the deeper well of a loneliness shared, 
an existence together, 
apart from all time and space.  
Words are no longer audible, 
as passion is the only language they speak.
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We'd both love to hear you opinions.
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