Saturday, February 2, 2013


Some people just can not get their brain to accept how other people can be cruel and selfish. Not that I am any one special, however I am one of those who doesn't get it. So, when I get it–it hurts.
This past week I got victimize by a Facebook scam. For some of you out there you might be saying, ‘haha so what.’
After the first %&&^#&* I started to find what to do to rid myself of this thing. THANK YOU each and everyone of you that took the time to alert me of this. Of course, by then the vicious thing had me good. 

Facebook and it’s wonderful (grrrr) set-up sent nasty thing to my friends. Some as naive as me and some a whole lot brighter than me.

Just the thought that of this nasty stuff being spread in my name sickened me. I know, how upset I was when years ago a virus took over my computer and ruined it to where I had no choice but replace it. Yet, this felt worse because it was affecting those who kindly chose to befriend me, whether as the Betty the author or as Betty the game friend.

I seem to have it under control and believe it’s gone. Now I can say my peace. I sincerely blame FACEBOOK for this. No one will convince my otherwise. IF they can remove photo’s and comments people report as offensive, in a heartbeat, then they can remove the events, pages, ad’s of these bogus accounts. Instead they have made it extremely hard to find ways to explain what is happening. If your experience doesn’t fit into their little boxes of choices in--help or report. lol. My efforts resulted in me getting blocked from even reporting the new attacks.

Well, thanks to a few of the kind people in my friend list (you know who you are) I have removed and have taken every precaution available to prevent further issues. Until the bad guys get wise and find new ways to harass us again.

Save this link (it’s safe)
This site will give you a bigger picture of what is going on. So Facebook is aware. Here they claim to read the posts (??no comment) but you can express yourself.

Well enough said.....To a Safe and Happy Facebook experience.


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