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Two for one treat

   Welcome to this weeks SampleSunday excerpt. A BONUS... I have a guest writer... Jean Joachim...she writes not only novels but poetry as well. She has kindly agreed to share a poem that Danny Maine wrote in honor of his girl friend. Who is Danny Maine, you ask? Why he is a charactor from one of her books. Now that's different. Enjoy!

The Kincaid Way excerpt:  
The great Mr. Kincaid was home. Mrs. Wilson was placing a tray with a shot of scotch in her hands.
    "It's your job now. The minute he gets in from work. Go."
The door was closed. She tapped lightly, and when not told to enter, she was about to retrace her steps to the kitchen. He opened the door just as she turned.
    "Come in. You don't need to knock next time. Place the tray on the desk and take the position."
He yanked on the cord by the door. Seconds later, Mrs. Wilson appeared. He saw her discomfort kneeling in the housekeeper's presence. He didn't care.
"Mrs. Wilson, your report please."
"Sir, I found Ellen very compliant and eager to please."
"Go on."
The housekeeper looked toward the woman on her knees, but since her head was bowed she did not see her plea for forgiveness.
"Yes Sir. She broke a dish while putting them away. She kneaded the bread for dinner for ten minutes. I told her fifteen. When she put the glasses on the bar she left them up and not down as instructed. She ate only half the apple at lunch. That's all, Sir."
"Thank you. You may leave for the night."
He swigged down the scotch and heaved the empty glass into the fireplace, scattering it. She jumped, aware that he was annoyed with her. He stomped from the room, leaving her on her knees.

Alone. She never felt so alone. She liked the housekeeper, however she now knew she was his spy. All she wanted to do was to put her head down and cry until she disappeared from this place and time. She remained kneeling, but she did so crying for herself.
"She had no choice, you know. She's a widow, and has children to think about. Don't be so hard on her. And I believe I did warn you."
He was stroking her hair, as if fascinated by it. He twisted it around his finger, letting the reddish-brown silky strands glide while shimmering in the light through his hand.
She stood.
"Your punishment can wait till after dinner. Let's withdraw to the dining room and see what kind of meal you prepared for me."

Eating first surprised her; the punishment part of his statement for some reason did not.
Brian found the fresh home made bread to his satisfaction. (good thing, huh) Now for the recipe Ellen used:
Shift 6 cups flour set aside.
Combine 1 package yeast with 1/4 cup lukewarm water put aside.
combine:2 cups scalded milk
2 TSP sugar
1 1/2- 2tps salt
1 TSP shortening
beat well-when mixture is cooled add yeast to it and remix adding in 2 cups of sifted flour. Then continue to add balance of flour. Turn out on a floured board and knead 10-15 minutes. Or you might answer to Brian. Place in a greased bowl- cover with clean towel and let rest for1 1/2 hours. Punch down and let rise again (45 minutes). Cut dough in half- shape into two balls and let rest 10 minutes. Using rolling pin flatten dough. Roll up like a jellyroll- smash ends together. Place in bread pan crease side down. Let rise till double, 1 hour bake 30-35 minute in hot oven 400o. If browning too fast cover with foil.
BACK to our story
Dinner was almost over when he started.
"Tell me: how did you spend your day."
She wanted to screech: Why the hell should I! You know damn; damn that word again. Urrgh! However, she chose to answer sweetly.
"First, we cleaned the dishes and of course I dropped one when the shelf was too high for me."
He stopped her.
"You mean you did not take care to notice you needed a stool to reach it. Ellen, don't blame the shelf when it was apparently your lack of attention to your surroundings."
Just agree with him and go on.
"Yes, Brian, you have a valid point. It was my fault. Shall I replace it for you?” When he didn't answer she went on.
"Then we cleaned the library and I didn't follow instructions on how to place the glasses. I didn't think it mattered one way or another. I have since then learned it does matter and will not make the same error again.
"The next time I knead bread dough, I will be sure to bring a clock into the room. I have come to realize that in kneading dough, the length of time the recipe calls for is important."
I hope you're satisfied you piece of... Before she could finish her evil thoughts he cut her off.
"Before I am satisfied with your answers, there's one thing left: Why did you not eat all your lunch?"
He was doing it again. Her mouth hung open stunned. How does he do it?
"I was full, thank you."

"I see. Clear the table and meet me upstairs."
Wondering what delicious things Brian has planned for Ellen upstairs? The Kincaid Way on sale here:

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          And now  poetry for desert:

The poem is by one of Jean's characters: Daniel wrote for his love in her new book soon to be released.

Now, why would Daniel write such sweet things? Wonder what other things he has to say. Links:
If you ask her nice she might share more of her work with you.

                                       Oh, Look Jean's latest book!
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