Thursday, May 19, 2011

Five Days Notice … a book by Alex Sinclair:

 Another treat for Alex Sinclair fans.

Hope, Ariel, Kerry - the women.
River, Micheal, Alan, Malcolm - the men.

Society needed to rebuild.
In the mean time to stay a
live day to day was the goal.
These seven peoplehad a
better time of it then the rest.

BUT, that was about to change
for three of them. Three people
would be rejoining the pathetic
members of the population, not
as envious employed,but as the
despicable rest of humanity,
fighting to exist.

Alex Sinclair has done it right again.
He weaves his tale taking the reader with him as he goes in and out of the personal
struggles and emotion roller coaster of her characters. He does not do it with one
chapter at a time dedicated to each one as many writers before him. He treats us with little snippets of intrigue as we learn to like, unlike and like again those he presents to us.

Before Alex is through we see rational people metamorphose into being: self-destructive, a murder, thief just to stay employed at a dead end job.

Read Five Day Notice and see if you agree who does and who does not deserve to have their lives forever affected by management.

*Please, note this story is an adult read.

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