Saturday, October 1, 2011

THE LION MAN by Melissa Harlow-Review

The Lion Man ...a novel by Melissa Harlow.
Ms. Harlow is a fellow writer at Sizzler Editions. So I was especially please when asked to review her latest book.
Oh, Ms. Harlow you are a tease. Now that's out in the open I can proceed.

The review:

Her tale starts when the world has fallen on hard times catastrophe has stuck. Like many before stories before hers to dredge of the earth survive. BUT wait.
When you meet Vaughn and Nicky you know not everyone likes to wallow in the mud. Here two good guys who just want to live without destroying others.
They stumble on Shandie. Vaughn and Nicky are realists and they have needs. Shandie needs a knight or two in shining armor to rescue her. She is being held prisoner by one of those dredges of the earth.
So a rescued woman should be grateful and want to take care of her hero's needs. Only, Shandie doesn't buy it. The drama begins.
Any reader who reads the after the disaster knows there's got to be more. There is. The Takers emerge and I say. “Not another- living dead blood sucking zombies.” 
Phew, no living dead blood sucking zombies. Just turn the page and you'll see, there are worse.
By the way did I mention Melissa Harlow writes for Sizzler Editions, so YES there's lots of sex, but I knew you wanted to know the plot. No matter why you read
THE LION MAN …........Ms. Harlow will not let you down.

The synopsis:Sometimes there are things far worse than a masterful man! Imprisoned by a sadistic tyrant Shandie has all but given up on the idea of escape or rescue. After the epidemic, the only people left alive that she has encountered have been evil. They are the takers. Human beings, without conscience, who take what they need, or what they want, including women. Easygoing Vaughn, and his adopted son Nicky, happen upon the trailer where Shandie is being kept. Wanting a woman for themselves, they don't take their plan of getting her all that seriously until Nicky is critically wounded. With food running out and no medicine, to Vaughn, the situation doesn't seem like it could get much worse- except that Shandie keeps insisting that there is something evil in the woods. Vaughn has seen the signs that she's right, but he refuses to believe it. When they all come face to face with that evil they find themselves in a sick world where women are slaves, and the men are something far, far worse. If you enjoyed BREEDING STOCK - and we know you did - it's a book that has just about everything for fans of hot, well-written BDSM erotica - then you HAVE to pick up this sequel, THE LION MAN By one of the current mistresses of BDSM erotica, MELISSA HARLOW! Cover: Sami Hursey

Here's the link to purchase The Lion Man for yourself


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