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Part of "His Fifteenth Victim" takes place in Chicago, so I thought to give you a visual tour of the town. The excerpt picks up where Carl a friend of  Sandra's roommate continues searching for her. No one has seen Sandra for days...


 “I got you sucker.” Carl jumped up from his chair.

You sure, he's your man?” Steve asked.   
Yep, watch this.” He rewound the section of
 video he just looked at for Steve. Pushing play, he remained standing and now was over his friend's shoulder pointing, “See, the other guy is even paying him off. That's got to be money he put in his pocket. Right?”
It pays to have friends. Carl might not be anything special, but his friends were. At least the kind of special that he needed. Townsend Amalgamated Inc. was not what every one thought it was.
The first ten floors dealt with the usual things copper, silver, and gold. The eleventh floor through the twenty-fifth, however, dealt with the acquisition of government controlled elements such as uranium and plutonium. The security appeared normal but it was not. Carl had a mundane job and never desired more, but he had friends in the building. Friends on the higher floors. When it became obvious the local police would not be solving or even that they were that interested in the disappearance of Sandra Mitchell he turned to them.
Steve was the one who found the first clue.
Don't you find it odd that she disappears while you and Meg are out of the country. What contest did you win anyway?” he asked. It seemed as if the proverbial light bulb had been turned on.
His buddies found the video of the delivery guy right away. They ran the face recognition program and two days later they had his name, address and everything anyone could think of.         
It was the second guy somehow his back was to the camera's around the building, as if he knew where to stand. Since, no one wanted to lose their job, but everyone wanted to help, those with the higher security clearance moved slowly and very gently. Just yesterday the storefront down on the left from his company handed over their film from that day. The delay was due to the person in charge was on vacation and the staff believed the tapes had already been recycled.
The man was back at work for over two weeks before someone mentioned that the security at Townsend was even looking for something. Now, they finally had a picture of the man who paid the delivery man. It was time to talk to the delivery man.

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