Saturday, November 24, 2012

An excerpt from:

 "His Fifteenth Victim"

She screamed and turned. Then she burst out laughing.
I’m sorry, you startled me. I didn’t hear you come up. With heart still racing she eyed him up and down hoping he was friendly.
No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Can I be of any help?
It just died on me.” 
Get in n' try it.
She slid behind the wheel and turned the key. The motor grumbled but never started.
He yelled from the front of the car to her, "You got Triple A?
Damn, I did until last month. Shaking her head back and forth, no.
When he leaned into her window she felt a panic wash over her.
Hi. My name is Brad Littleton. I live a few miles down the road. This same road actually. Your cell phone working? Mine’s not, I forgot to recharge. I do that a lot. Do you?
He appeared friendly enough.
No, hardly ever, my cell is my only phone, so I’d be in trouble if I forgot. I did only once and learned my lesson.
I could call my friend he has a tow truck it would save you money from using a real service, unless you got the two-hundred for a tow. He knew, even if she did, saving money usually appeals to everyone. He was counting on her being no different.
She handed him her phone. He punched in the numbers.
Sam, hi. I need your help. I’m being a knight in shining armor here, and your tow truck will cinch the deal with the beautiful lady I got here.
She blushed when he said she was beautiful. He liked her, so the panic feeling she had left disappeared as the idea of appealing to him replaced it. While he continued to talk, her eyes now drank him in and she liked what she saw.
Handing the phone back to her he said, "He's coming, but he hasn't gotten home from his real job yet, so he'll be a little while. If that's OK, with you?
That’s fine, thank you.
Maybe we can push the car off to the side. It would be safer that way.
She steered and he pushed until it was completely off the hard surface part of the road.
I can stay and wait with you, if you like? he suggested.
The idea of waiting alone was starting to bother her, so she piped up quickly with a, "Yes, please. I would feel better.
He moved his van behind her car off the road as well. Then walked up to her passenger side door and reached for the handle. It was locked. Without hesitation she unlocked it for him and he filled the seat next to her.
Her cologne reached his nose and he sucked it deep inside of him. The scent teased his senses. For ten minutes he forced the small talk to continue to keep her off guard.
You got anything to drink in here. I sure am thirsty.
No, and I am too. she replied.
He then started to laugh.
Listen to me, ‘da.’ I was going to the park to walk, and I got four bottles of water in the van and some world famous Brad peanut butter crackers. Come on. Let’s get em.
He opened the door and started to walk back to his vehicle. He stopped turned and waved at her to come join him.
Oh, what the hell. I am starving.
She opened her door and headed for the van. He opened the passenger side back door. By the time she arrived he had climbed inside and was opening a backpack. She took a seat at the opening. Being the thoughtful gentleman, he handed her a bottle of water after he opened it for her.
It’s getting chilly with the sun going down. Peanut butter crackers? He handed her a sealed sandwich baggy full of crackers.
Thanks, your right it is getting cooler.
Get in and close to door then. That should be enough, just to get out of the breeze.
She did. Before she had a chance turn to turn around from closing the door he pounced. She screamed but no one heard her. Once, he had her tied tightly and secured the way he wanted, he went back to her car. He took all the paper work from inside the glove compartment. He checked under the seats and searched the trunk, removing any personal items from it. Finally, he removed the license tag. He placed everything he collected into the passenger seat of the van.
She was screaming, but all he heard was a muffled sound. The gag did the job. He looked forward to listening to her screams later.
Terrified eyes watched as he searched through her pocketbook for her phone. Once found it, he redialed the last number.
Sam, Brad here. The tow job. Listen, just take it the Bob's and tell him to crush it. It looks like the timing belt went bad and the engine locked up. My girl decided not to repair it...Great- OK, Thanks-a-mill. Oh and keep the money you get for your fee and trouble. Bye.
Then he snapped the phone in half.
By the time Meg and Carl stepped foot in Mexico to begin their dream vacation of a lifetime, Sandra's nightmare had already begun.
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