Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review of Erin Jamison's "Better than Eight Fantasy"

Review of "Better than EightFantasy"
      Well, can you tell me are eight children better than seven? Are eight dogs better than nine dogs? What about cats, tigers, and neighbors?

If you don't know Erin Jamison then you have no idea what she's referring to. Since, I won this book I had an idea­--but still??? I could not be sure.

I found Better than Eight to be whimsical. I found better than Eight to be poignant. I found Better than Eight to be a entertaining read.

Her story opens with Amara and her girlfriends having a bit of fun sharing a night in. Their chatter does not disappoint. Mara gets challenged. Will she raise to the bait?

You betcha, she does and meets Mister Wonderful. Like all good stories the road is not paved smooth. There is only one spoiler I'm going to share and this isn't it. To see how high and how low Mara's quest for love takes her go buy the book. (Ok, next time you win the copy)

Any way, Seva will make the most frigid of women think twice about on line dating.

Oh, and before you go if you think you know how this book will end, you'd be wrong.

Thank you, Erin Jamison for a delightful evening of reading.
Betty Carlton


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