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Ah, they say love is blind. I'm not so sure. But sometimes we just sense things. I know you know what I mean. Well, Ellen her had hints and her senses where working overtime. Yet, as any woman can to you, when a hunk of a good looking man is ogling you who cares about sense.

The set up:
After much pleading by Matt her missing niece's fiance, Ellen has agreed to let Brian take her to dinner.

The hotel where Ellen stayed
 When she stepped off the bottom step she looked up. Fortunately, she stopped the gasp from being audible. Cleaned up, the man she had labeled a buffoon was one of the handsomest man she'd ever seen. Like a silly young girl fresh from finishing school, her heart raced and her hand trembled just a smidgen. If she was twenty again, she'd probably have fainted, she thought.
Like a dog in heat, he ogled her until he realized what he was doing then stopped and offered her his arm. She did not take it; instead she fell in step next to him. He wanted to feel her, so he took her hand and placed it on his arm. She stiffened.
"Now we can go," he announced with the most innocent smile she'd ever seen.
Just as he expected, her hand remained where he put it. Platitudes and nonsense kept the conversation flowing as they walked to the diner. This time the gasp was audible.
"Ellen are you Okay?"
"I'm fine. I've eaten here before." She bit back the real words she wanted to say about the place he chose. (excerpt side note: every meal she ate here has been inedible)
"I'm not surprised you have. It's the only place in town to eat. Everyone eats here at some time, and the food is the best."
Well, he might be the handsomest man, but she had found the flaw. He had no taste buds. How any body could think this place's food was even edible was beyond her. However, she now understood how they stayed in business: no competition.
The sun was just getting ready to set.
"Would you enjoy watching the sunset? I know I do. Would you mind a table in the sun for a short while?"
Gads, she thought. Handsome and romantic. What man would ever admit to liking sunsets? Her heart raced a notch faster. Stop it, she ordered her heart. It didn't.
"Mr. Kincaid. We're so pleased that you and your guest are joining us tonight."
The waiter handed them one-page menus and left. Reading the paper, she decided on the mixed salad. How can you mess that up, she wondered. She hid her smirk behind the page, thinking of course it could come with worms.
He put his menu down and she followed suit.
"I'd like the mixed salad and the dressing on the side please," she said, hoping that if the dressing was as bad as everything had been, at least she could eat plain salad.
The waiter returned. "What have you decided on, Mr. Kincaid?"
"Mmmm, everything is always so good here, Sam. Tonight I'll go with the steak. Make it rare, please. The mashed potatoes, green bean salad. Oh, and bring a side of Nancy's famous slaw."
"Cornbread, or fresh bread with dill?"
"Your fresh bread will be fine."
"And the lady, sir?"
Ellen piped up with, "I'd like the mixed salad, dressing on the side please. If it comes with bread, cornbread I don't care for dill. Thank you."
The waiter waited. She realized he did not write down her order. It was a simple one. Maybe he has a good memory, she thought.
"Mr Kincaid?" the waiter asked.
She looked at Brian to see what the problem was. A cold shiver run down her spine.
"The lady will have the same as me. Thank you, Sam," he said.
It was in his eyes daring her to say one word. She acquiesced to his wishes.
"Thank you. The steak was my second choice."
He did not believe her and she knew it.
"I knew you seemed hungrier than a measly salad. Ellen, you need a little more meat on your bones."
"My bones are just fine and really none of your business, Brian."
Trying to regain some balance, she felt powerless sitting next to him. Another thing he made sure of: she sat next to him, not across from him. He was in her space, making her very uncomfortable.
With a smile to die for, he said, "Please don't be so touchy. When Patsy's found and the kids marry we'll be in-laws, sort of."
At this point in time, she wasn't sure how she felt about being "sort of" related to him.
The food showed up and the conversation stopped momentarily. It smelled as good as it looked. However, warily she put a dab of the slaw on her fork. She knew no matter how awful, she could not spit this out.
"Their food's the best, yes?" he remarked.
Maybe steak was their specialty, because nothing else was. If she could have found a way the lick her plate clean she would have.
They discovered they had a love of good food. She made no comment about the other meals she tried to eat here. They both had been to the famous restaurant in St. Louis, and both laughed when neither could remember its name.
"You know the one on Fifth Street," they said simultaneously.
"How about we share some coffee before we go."
Knowing she loved their coffee, she agreed and told him she liked hers black.
He caught the waiter's attention and when he approached the table, expressed appreciation for the great food.
"Now, Sam we'd like some of your great coffee. You know how I take it."
"Yes sir. Can I entice you and your lady to a piece of double chocolate pie?"
Laughing he said, "You just did. Fine, bring that too."
Taking her hand from where she thoughtless laid it in front of him, he sensually watched her eyes as he drew it to his mouth and planted two kisses on it. He felt her about to tug it away and tightened his hold. Not wishing to cause a scene she relaxed. He rewarded her by immediately placing it back on the table. However, he did not release it.
Wordlessly, they challenged each other. She insisted he stop playing with her. Unfortunately, never having met this caliber of man, she did not know he was not playing. He was testing her: depending on who you talked to passing his tests were either a good thing or bad thing.
Seeing her respond as the waiter drew near he tightened his hold another notch. There was a sparkle in his eye as she held firm beneath his hand. She decided to ignore him. What can he do with my hand in the middle of the restaurant anyway, she thought. She looked at her coffee. It had cream in it. Realizing she wasn't surprised, she raised it to her lips.
"It's also very good this way, isn't it," she said, again acquiescing to him.
He released her hand. However, she did not move it because she didn't realize it. He again had her mesmerized as he held the fork in front of her mouth, waiting for her to let him feed her.
That's it. I'm done with these games, she thought, and opened her mouth to tell him.
"Brian I..." He pushed the pie into her mouth leaving her no choice. Refuse it and drool on the table or accept it and swallow. It was good, and like chocolate it began to dissolve in her mouth. She closed her lips and he pulled the fork out. It might have turned out differently if she hadn't but she did.
"Mmmm. Oh, Brian, that's delicious. Thank you."

His heart pounded, his blood raced and the male part of him began to dance. He shifted and she let him feed her till it was gone. He didn't take one bite.

I know  you wanted to see the the town. So, here it is. A real "Paradise."

 Now that your here stay awhile and mosey around. .

Oh, and here two drink passes good at the town's saloon. Any drink of your choice. (of course they only serve whiskey rot gut at that)

Courtesy of Brian Kincaid sheriff.

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