Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You gotta see this:

** No,You Really Gotta see this!**
As you know I don't use this blog like  normal people do. I just don't think I have enough exciting things to write about in my personal life.

Every now and then your day takes an unexpected turn. I received two emails from a friends and I just needed to share them.

At least I wasn't dinner!
Go away.

Ouch! This hurts but, bstill better than being dinner.

Alsways time for cat nap.
GOLD CANYON, Ariz. - The images are incredible. A bobcat that has scampered
to the top of a saguaro cactus -- and it was quite a climb! The photos were
captured in Gold Canyon, on the foot of the Superstition Mountains.
The bobcat was trying to get away from a mountain lion that was stalking it,
explains the photographer Curt Fonger. He darted up a40-foot saguaro, and
there he stayed for the remainder of the day. Curt Fonger and his wife Marta
are living out their golden years on wilderness' edge in Gold Canyon.
With over 40 years of photography experience, Curt recently had a career-defining moment. "I've never had the luxury of seeing a bobcat on top of a saguaro," he says. "Just a beautiful creature, he was displaying himself proudly, kind of looking around, probably trying to see if mister mountain lion was still around... it was almost if he was posing!"
Curt says the golden cat with amber eyes stared back at him, perched on top
of the cactus for hours. "He was pretty relaxed, he kind of laid on top of the saguaro, shut his eyes, almost as if he was sleeping."The bobcat eventually came down, but Curt and Marta are still riding high. "It was that Kodak moment I think every photographer lives for."

 Now here is a video you          must    see:

When your done watching go ahead lie to me, and tell me you where able to do this. Hope you enjoyed.

I hope  your return  for the Twitter event #sampleSunady for a free excerpt read and sometimes surprises.  Betty


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