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#SampleSunday June

Matt Kincaid has finished training Ellen niece Patsy to be the woman he wants her to be. He has taken her to his home to she have she holds the new man her beloved fiance has become.

Ellen still searches for her niece not aware that Matt has her. Brian, matt uncle and town sheriff has  made his own plans for Ellen. And that, friends is where we will pick the story up. 

An excerpt from The Kincaid Way.

Once alone, he turned to the woman and said, "I'm sorry about the mess downstairs. However, I think the quieter we are this time, the better, don't you?"

He moved to the door that held three barred cells behind it. He reached up to the peg and took the ring from it. The ring held five keys. The unlocked door silently swung open as he pulled it. He in an exaggerated bow swooped his hand toward the hallway inviting her to enter. She did. He saw the relief on her face when she discovered the cells were empty. At the end of the hall, he stopped in front of another heavy reinforced wooden door.
This time the lock groaned as he struggled to get the bolt free. The loud click sounded forbidding. Pushing the feeling aside, she blindly followed Brian down the dark steps. Another wooden door blocked their way. She had the desire to question what was so important that it was necessary for it to be kept under such severe lock and key. She didn't.
The room smelt odd. However she could not place the odor. She did recognize the damp moisture and earthy smell after the original odor seemed to dissipate. A small candle burned in the room. The small amount of light in the center made the rest of the room cast in deep shadows. As silly as it was, she expected someone to jump out at them and yell boo. Another feeling she disregarded.
"Ellen, please sit here."
She probably would not have listened, but the soft confident manner calmed her hesitation and she was trying to understand where all this drama and suspense was leading, so she sat down.
Handing an old newspaper to her. He said, "Here. You might find this interesting."
Filled with curiosity, she took it from his hand and opened it. The distraction worked. Instantly, she felt his hands grab her arms. By the time alarm signaled from her brain it was too late. He had handcuffed her to the chair.
"Brian!" she screamed.
He did not respond. She screamed louder and struggled with the restraints. This continued until she could only whisper. The sounds she now made were only small whimpers. Her wrists glowed red and sore from her fight to free herself. A fight to no avail. It became obvious she could no longer keep up her efforts. He lit two oil lanterns and the room glowed as its evil intentions became clear.
"Shall we have a little chat, Miss Trent?"
An apparent second wind took over as she hurled vile words at him. He stood and blew out one of the lamps and the candle. She heard his unwavering steps behind her.
"Perhaps we can chat later."

The wooden door closed firmly and the noise of the key grating in the lock only brought home the wretched predicament she was in. She resumed her frantic screams and struggles.
Sitting in utter emotional despair, she found the physical discomfort was also growing. Not even taking in consideration the now rubbed raw wrists, which had she just finished berating herself knowing her struggles to rid herself of the cuffs were for naught. A cramp took control over her left calf muscle tightening every few minutes just a teeny bit more.
However, right this minute it was bearable; how long it would remain that way, she was not sure. It was the pain in her right shoulder that if she dwelt on it brought the tears back to her eyes. Whether it was an injury from her resistance to the handcuffs or just a mixture of anxiety and tension of her ordeal, from the neck down and across the top of her shoulder burned as if hot coals were placed there.
Fighting the urge to let go and allow all that her body was dealing with to carry her deep inside herself, the fear of not returning to a sane place filled her with hate.
"Well, let's see if you have mellowed any while I've been gone."
She did not hear him return and she had no idea if he had left her for a few minutes or hours. Once the lantern burned out and she sat in total darkness, time had no meaning. Only freedom did.
He watched as eerie shadows cast along the far wall as the lantern he carried threw her shadow there. She squinted from the glare of light as he stepped in front of her.
"Have you missed me, Miss Trent?"
Shifting his weight to the other foot he held up the lantern higher to get a clearer look at her. He did not gasp, but he took a half step back. Her eyes, he thought. He expected that terrorized look the women usually got. Hollow, staring, waiting for the first sign of release. She did not have the look.
Overshadowing any terror was the hate he saw. It consumed her. If he let her go this second, even if she did not do it herself, she'd find someone. He was a dead man.
Steadying himself, then bending down level to her, he asked, "Are you ready for our little talk now?"
Her head bobbed up just a hint. Not sure how she managed it, but she did she silently looked deep into his eyes as if she would be agreeable. The spittle ran down his cheek and dripped, wetting his vest before he realized what she did. By reflex he backhanded her in anger. She groaned.
"Perhaps you need more time," he said to as he walked to the door, again leaving her in the dark, secured to the chair.
After the evening rounds he returned to the woman below. He smiled, well aware from the smell in the room she was now very uncomfortable.
"How you doing sweetheart?"
She didn't bother raising her head until she saw his boots come into her vision. With the pain across her neck and shoulder she had to ease her head up slowly. Their eyes met. He stood steady this time and no emotion showed. It would be harder than he thought to break her. And each thought he had of her his own body grew more impatient.
"It's not so bad you know, being a Kincaid woman. You'll never want for anything. Oh, and we're faithful true-blue till death do us part."

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Well, do you think Ellen will make a good Kincaid woman for Brian? The answer is in the book. Here's where to buy the book:

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