Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review of Dear John by Jodi Olson

My review of Jodi Olson's new release
                       Dear John

One day Alexis Monroe sent husband a letter. Like many couples today when both people have time consuming jobs. Alexis a beautiful day time soap opera actress. John Monroe a race car driver whose career is on the rise.

Answering the demands of their careers can and does lead to discontent.Even if on a small scale discontentment willAlexis has a plan to revitalize their marriage and it starts with.
grow if not nipped in the bud.

         Dear  John,

And so the journey begins. Expecting a romping good time at the 'Inhibitions Gone Wild' fantasy club, John and Alexis Monroe find more.

Ms. Olson takes you along as the couple rediscover new things about their relationship. They learn how understanding the past and some one who has become special could enrich their future happiness.

Jodi Olson does a great job in keeping the flow moving.
A twist here and there to keep her audience guessing. Oh yeah, did I mention she writes them hot!
Jodi Olson is prolific author. It a good thing because her readers
will be wanting more.

Here's where to find Jodi and her books:


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