Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to this weeks Sample Sunday excerpt.

Zva is an up and coming
trouble-shooter for a
financial corporation. Her
latest assignment takes her
to a new town and she needs
to find a place to live quickly.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

The excerpt:

The classified ad read. "Roommate wanted. Female to share expenses. Call 800-555-1212. ad# 2343"
"Hello, Fast Rents, can I help you?"
"I'd like some more info about 2343 please."
The agent asked for her email address and sent over all the information requested. The room that was available was located just outside of town in what once was a very exclusive area. With the new expressway completed, it would take only twenty-five minutes to go back and forth to work.
The e-mail also contained a picture of the room which was bright and spacious with a double bed and a large walk-in closet which was to die for, but the French doors opening to a private veranda made her mind up for her.
Zva e-mailed the agent and requested an appointment to see the room in person. The only time the leasing agent had available was three o’clock the next day. She took it even though it meant losing time at work.
The room and location was all that she hoped for and more. She agreed to rent the room and signed the lease that afternoon.
She watched as the woman who took her deposit turned her blue Honda Civic around in the front of the three car garage and left.
Thankfully tomorrow was Saturday. She moved everything she owned in two trips. It would be good to sleep on a bed and not an old classmate's couch in the basement. Even though the couch wasn't very comfortable, she still greatly appreciated her friend letting her stay there. The room that she originally planned on renting prior to her arriving in town was rented to someone else.
She still fumed over that one. She signed a six-month lease for the room and headed to the place only to find out they decided at the last-minute to give the room to a relative.
Fresh from the shower she headed for the kitchen. Kitchen privileges would help save her money.

A man was sitting on the couch so comfy eating a sandwich.
Oh!” she said, surprised to find anyone in the house. The leasing agent led her to believe that the owner was out of town for a while, and she wasn't exactly sure when she’d be back.
He looked up and gave her the male once over, smiling.
Hi, I’m Mark. You must be Sandra’s new roommate.”
Extending his hand, she took it not quite sure why.
I'm Zva. I didn’t know there was anyone else living here.”
           “Oh, there isn't.”
Sandra’s my sister, and she travels a lot. So I check in every so often to make sure that everything's OK.”
That meant that he had a key and could come and go as he pleased. She felt a shiver run up and down her spine. It was then she realized he was eating her food. That ticked her off. It was bad enough that he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but now he simply helped himself to her food. She held her temper and smiled sweetly instead.
So, you live near here?”
"In Brentwood two towns east of here,” he answered. “Oh, here’s my set of keys. I won’t be sneaking in on you or anything like that. I will be back next week to repair a small plumbing issue in the basement. So, if you're not going to be here just leave a key under the blue rock out front, and I'll leave them on the table when I'm done. Ok?”
And just like that, he jumped off the kitchen stool, waved, and left. As the rumble of his car's engine faded, Zva berated herself for overreacting and getting herself upset for no reason.

Hello, Fast Rents, can I help you?”

This is Mark Simpson. Please tell Gale to remove ad.1243. Mrs. Weston has decided not to rent out the second room. However, she is pleased with your choice of a roommate and a check will be forthcoming.”

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