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SampleSunday Ebook excerpt July


The set up:
Charles Kincaid is under the impression his training of Penelope is complete. It is his own self doubts that haunt him and prevent him from trusting her. When a long time friends comes along he finds a way to test Pen's obedience to him. He orders Pen to spend the night with the friend and to be sure his friends is well pleasured.

As the cabin is thrown in to the darkness of the night the bed groans under the man's weight as he crawls up to her. We pick up the story in the morning. Pen has just returned from a trip to the little house out back. .

The Excerpt:      

There was no way to hide the excitement at seeing that Charles was back home and John was gone.
Two step toward his open arms she stopped dead in her tracks.
An eternity past as she stood stone still, however, her mind was moving a mile a minute. Unseeing eyes stared as he sat up and rubbed his face awake. While he refocused, she began to sort through her options of response to the apparent subterfuge he perpetrated last night.
She chose guilt. She finished her trek into his arms. “I thought you said John was your friend?”
Smiling he answered, “Pen, he is.”
And you told me I was special to you.”
You are, what’s this about.”
Oh Charles.” Now sobbing, she told him of the happenings during the night.
Charles your so called friend, he just didn’t do, you know. He hurt. On and on he wouldn’t stop. He didn’t care he was hurting me. Did you tell not to hurt me? I thought you cared and you’d take care of me, you didn’t and I did what you wanted me to and you knew how I felt. I want only you no one else, but you told me and I needed to make you happy. Did you know he was going to those things to me? What kind of friend doesn’t take care of someone else’s property? I am your property aren’t I Charles. OH, please tell me your not going to turn away from me because I did like you told me. OH, Charles, Charles.” And now a little piece of resistance my darling Charles. “What if he ruined me, or broke something I’ll never be able to give you children.”
With that said Pen slid her naked body down along his body growing weak in display of her distraught. He could do nothing less than scoop her up into his arms and protectively hold her tight against him.
<a href="">Pig Pen</a> by Lee Wag
That did it, he was all ready flabbergasted at her reactions. He was all ready cursing himself a thousand times for not trusting her, having to have to know the last little hint of mistrust... And she worried about giving me children. was no way he could put her desire to give him children in the same mind as her desire to trick him and escape. Maybe I did go too far. The quandary was if he admits it was him then he’s the one who caused her pain. He didn’t mean too. HE saw no humor in, too big for your breeches. He knew better ever since the whore episode. Man, he felt lower than horse manure, no pig slop. He didn’t know where to go from here and he hated here right now.
Poor Charles, so in obsessed with his sweet Penelope does even know what's going on. She continues to outsmart him one step at a time patiently waiting for the day she will make good her escape. .

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