Thursday, July 28, 2011

#SampleSunday -July 31

I decided to take you back to ..His Fifteenth Victim ..this week. Day three has began. Sandra must learn and fast about the man who holds her captive.
She woke up this day the same as yesterday. With him on top of her and about to be inside her as well. Most of the prior night she spent figuring out the best way to handle him. Trying to recall every little thing he said to her since she met him. She discovered he had given her clues. Whether they were intentional or not she could not tell, but they were there for her to pick up on.
For what ever reason he feels it's necessary I listen and obey no matter the cost to me. And the whippings, in his twisted way of thinking is to get me to accept anything without question. He tries to make up for the pain he causes me after, the cream, the affection, and the sex. And if I am number 15 I am in deep trouble. 

Breakfast was now finished cooking and sitting on the stove. He was in the shower. She sat staring at the cabinet.

“He's going to anyway so why not?” Speaking to the empty room. She moved to the cabinet and found it unlocked. Opening the second draw down she pulled out the chain. With the chain in one hand she dragged a kitchen chair under the hook in the beam. Climbing up she laced it through the hole, letting the ends drape to the floor.

It was done. She was beginning to shiver. Staying the course she planned, she walked to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup of the hot brown  liquid. Taking a chair at the table she sat and waited.

“Darling, your breakfast smells delicious. I was thinking...” He stopped short as he came into the room. She watched as he eyed the chain.

“Anxious ain't we?” Cocking his head to the left.

After taking a deep breath she said, “Was I wrong? You are going whip me again. I thought this would save us some time.”

This was a new look for him. She pulled herself up more attentively when she took in he was pleased.

No, not so much pleased as satisfied.

Trying to look dauntless she stood and forced herself to go to the cabinet. Standing in front of it with her back to him. She reached for the riding crop.

“Will you be using the crop today again?” Her fingers had not yet taken hold of the instrument when his hand covered and tightened over hers.

“Not today, I want the one beneath it.” He brought her hand down to the next shelf. Slender fingers closed around his new choice. It was a lighter weight one.

“Before breakfast or after?” his breath hot against her neck. Her knees began to buckle. She stiffened her legs hard hoping her fear didn't show.


He did not use the cuffs. She did not scream. He stopped at ten. And even though this time she would have been able to walk unaided. He swept her up into his arms, carried her to the bed, and begun lovingly tend to her. Again, he expected her to rest after their sexual encounter. 

There were moments she’d glance at Brad when he was engrossed in something and she see hints of another man. One that had things been different she knew she’d enjoy knowing. It was this man who she wondered about deep inside her mind.

All of a sudden he’d look up at her and smile. Her fear of him would return but just a smidgen less than it had been moments ago. It was moments like these when she found her smiling back at him and not understanding why she did.

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Thanks for peeping in behind the scenes. Please enjoy your stay. See you next time.


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