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#SampleSunday -July 31

I decided to take you back to ..His Fifteenth Victim ..this week. Day three has began. Sandra must learn and fast about the man who holds her captive.
She woke up this day the same as yesterday. With him on top of her and about to be inside her as well. Most of the prior night she spent figuring out the best way to handle him. Trying to recall every little thing he said to her since she met him. She discovered he had given her clues. Whether they were intentional or not she could not tell, but they were there for her to pick up on.
For what ever reason he feels it's necessary I listen and obey no matter the cost to me. And the whippings, in his twisted way of thinking is to get me to accept anything without question. He tries to make up for the pain he causes me after, the cream, the affection, and the sex. And if I am number 15 I am in deep trouble. 

Breakfast was now finished cooking and sitting on the stove. He was in the shower. She sat staring at the cabinet.

“He's going to anyway so why not?” Speaking to the empty room. She moved to the cabinet and found it unlocked. Opening the second draw down she pulled out the chain. With the chain in one hand she dragged a kitchen chair under the hook in the beam. Climbing up she laced it through the hole, letting the ends drape to the floor.

It was done. She was beginning to shiver. Staying the course she planned, she walked to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup of the hot brown  liquid. Taking a chair at the table she sat and waited.

“Darling, your breakfast smells delicious. I was thinking...” He stopped short as he came into the room. She watched as he eyed the chain.

“Anxious ain't we?” Cocking his head to the left.

After taking a deep breath she said, “Was I wrong? You are going whip me again. I thought this would save us some time.”

This was a new look for him. She pulled herself up more attentively when she took in he was pleased.

No, not so much pleased as satisfied.

Trying to look dauntless she stood and forced herself to go to the cabinet. Standing in front of it with her back to him. She reached for the riding crop.

“Will you be using the crop today again?” Her fingers had not yet taken hold of the instrument when his hand covered and tightened over hers.

“Not today, I want the one beneath it.” He brought her hand down to the next shelf. Slender fingers closed around his new choice. It was a lighter weight one.

“Before breakfast or after?” his breath hot against her neck. Her knees began to buckle. She stiffened her legs hard hoping her fear didn't show.


He did not use the cuffs. She did not scream. He stopped at ten. And even though this time she would have been able to walk unaided. He swept her up into his arms, carried her to the bed, and begun lovingly tend to her. Again, he expected her to rest after their sexual encounter. 

There were moments she’d glance at Brad when he was engrossed in something and she see hints of another man. One that had things been different she knew she’d enjoy knowing. It was this man who she wondered about deep inside her mind.

All of a sudden he’d look up at her and smile. Her fear of him would return but just a smidgen less than it had been moments ago. It was moments like these when she found her smiling back at him and not understanding why she did.

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Welcome to this weeks Sample Sunday excerpt.

Zva is an up and coming
trouble-shooter for a
financial corporation. Her
latest assignment takes her
to a new town and she needs
to find a place to live quickly.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

The excerpt:

The classified ad read. "Roommate wanted. Female to share expenses. Call 800-555-1212. ad# 2343"
"Hello, Fast Rents, can I help you?"
"I'd like some more info about 2343 please."
The agent asked for her email address and sent over all the information requested. The room that was available was located just outside of town in what once was a very exclusive area. With the new expressway completed, it would take only twenty-five minutes to go back and forth to work.
The e-mail also contained a picture of the room which was bright and spacious with a double bed and a large walk-in closet which was to die for, but the French doors opening to a private veranda made her mind up for her.
Zva e-mailed the agent and requested an appointment to see the room in person. The only time the leasing agent had available was three o’clock the next day. She took it even though it meant losing time at work.
The room and location was all that she hoped for and more. She agreed to rent the room and signed the lease that afternoon.
She watched as the woman who took her deposit turned her blue Honda Civic around in the front of the three car garage and left.
Thankfully tomorrow was Saturday. She moved everything she owned in two trips. It would be good to sleep on a bed and not an old classmate's couch in the basement. Even though the couch wasn't very comfortable, she still greatly appreciated her friend letting her stay there. The room that she originally planned on renting prior to her arriving in town was rented to someone else.
She still fumed over that one. She signed a six-month lease for the room and headed to the place only to find out they decided at the last-minute to give the room to a relative.
Fresh from the shower she headed for the kitchen. Kitchen privileges would help save her money.

A man was sitting on the couch so comfy eating a sandwich.
Oh!” she said, surprised to find anyone in the house. The leasing agent led her to believe that the owner was out of town for a while, and she wasn't exactly sure when she’d be back.
He looked up and gave her the male once over, smiling.
Hi, I’m Mark. You must be Sandra’s new roommate.”
Extending his hand, she took it not quite sure why.
I'm Zva. I didn’t know there was anyone else living here.”
           “Oh, there isn't.”
Sandra’s my sister, and she travels a lot. So I check in every so often to make sure that everything's OK.”
That meant that he had a key and could come and go as he pleased. She felt a shiver run up and down her spine. It was then she realized he was eating her food. That ticked her off. It was bad enough that he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but now he simply helped himself to her food. She held her temper and smiled sweetly instead.
So, you live near here?”
"In Brentwood two towns east of here,” he answered. “Oh, here’s my set of keys. I won’t be sneaking in on you or anything like that. I will be back next week to repair a small plumbing issue in the basement. So, if you're not going to be here just leave a key under the blue rock out front, and I'll leave them on the table when I'm done. Ok?”
And just like that, he jumped off the kitchen stool, waved, and left. As the rumble of his car's engine faded, Zva berated herself for overreacting and getting herself upset for no reason.

Hello, Fast Rents, can I help you?”

This is Mark Simpson. Please tell Gale to remove ad.1243. Mrs. Weston has decided not to rent out the second room. However, she is pleased with your choice of a roommate and a check will be forthcoming.”

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Review of Dear John by Jodi Olson

My review of Jodi Olson's new release
                       Dear John

One day Alexis Monroe sent husband a letter. Like many couples today when both people have time consuming jobs. Alexis a beautiful day time soap opera actress. John Monroe a race car driver whose career is on the rise.

Answering the demands of their careers can and does lead to discontent.Even if on a small scale discontentment willAlexis has a plan to revitalize their marriage and it starts with.
grow if not nipped in the bud.

         Dear  John,

And so the journey begins. Expecting a romping good time at the 'Inhibitions Gone Wild' fantasy club, John and Alexis Monroe find more.

Ms. Olson takes you along as the couple rediscover new things about their relationship. They learn how understanding the past and some one who has become special could enrich their future happiness.

Jodi Olson does a great job in keeping the flow moving.
A twist here and there to keep her audience guessing. Oh yeah, did I mention she writes them hot!
Jodi Olson is prolific author. It a good thing because her readers
will be wanting more.

Here's where to find Jodi and her books:

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"His Fifteenth Victim" Ebook Released

I don't know if it's a Red Letter Day for you or not. For me it is. Just released  is my third book from Sizzler Editions His Fifteenth Victim. Here is a sample from it. Hope you enjoy.

The blurb:
When Brad and Sandra's worlds crash into each other no one could have predicted the end result. Brad a hired assassin. Sandra the target.
He could not pull the trigger. He needed to discover for himself why. It surprised him to  to  find he liked the reason why. Maybe a little to much.

Sandra tried to understand why anyone would want her dead. Confusion ran wild as she suffers at the hand's of the man who now claims to be her only means of salvation. The scariest part is she believes him.

Sandra's journey will take her through the terror of being kidnapped: the pain of her tormentor's lessons: acceptance of how her life will never again be the same.

They will come to understand you can't question where you find love. It's just there.

The excerpt:

His Fifteenth Victim    
The outdoor Cafe hummed with conversation.  Most of the patrons were enjoying a leisurely lunch. The two men at table number fifteen, however, were not.
Anyone might assume the man wearing the gray striped suit to be a lawyer or maybe a stockbroker. The other man was casually dressed. It could have been his day off. They looked like two ordinary friends meeting for lunch.  Their conversation though, was a bit more than casual.

*just in case. Full cover on Publishers site.
  “Piece of cake,” said the man dressed in blue jeans and tee-shirt.
“I was told you're the best. Don't disappoint me,” replied Arthur as he picked at an imaginary piece lint from on his jacket.
Brad's facial features turned from friendly to rock hard and stern. Leaning into the man's face, he warned, “I'd be careful how you say things. That almost sounded like a threat, and I don't like threats.”
Arthur sitting across from Brad straightened up and raised both of his well manicured hands with open palms facing the other man as if a piece offering and said, “No, no, I didn't mean it that way.”
Both men knew he did. It was a power play and lowering his hands Arthur knew he lost this round to Brad. He hands fell back into his lap.
Brad watched as Arthur's hand pushed a brown envelope toward Brad. All the while thinking a real man's hands were worn and rough not pale and soft as the man's sitting across from him.
“Here's your money, keep me informed of your progress.”
Brad responded, one eyebrow raised and a not so reassuring, but definitely cocky voice said, “Sure.”
The man sitting across from him didn't believe Brad, but it was too late now. There was nothing left to be said, so he stood up, turned, and walked away from the table never looking back.
Brad caught sight of the woman at the next table over as she watched the man in the five hundred-dollar suit walk away. He smiled and watched her lust filled eyes following Arthur and his five hundred dollar suit until he disappeared around the corner; walking out of her vision.
Brad thought. So, clothes do make the man.
One quick glance at the remaining man at the table, was enough for the woman to frown, stand up, and toss a twenty-dollar bill down on the table. She walked away from the outside Cafe, in the opposite direction of the man who just left. She never knew this was her lucky day. She wasn’t Brad's type.
He snicked and found himself wondering just what was his type in woman. At this point in his life only pain and suffering would be the result for any woman who caught his eye.
After a good chuckle, Brad turned his attention to finishing his lunch. Just before he took another bite, he peered into the brown envelope handed to him only minutes ago. His thumb glided across the top edge of the bills. There were a hundred and fifty of them, each crisp and new. Fifteen thousand dollars! He smiled. Fifteen was always his lucky number. He filled his lungs with the scent, and he decided new one-hundred dollars bills have their own wonderful aroma.
He tucked the envelope inside the deep pocket of his jacket, and turned his attention back to his meal. Picking up the last bit of the roast beef on rye smeared with the Cafe's famous mustard sauce he popped it in his mouth. His mind began to form plans. Plans for how he would best carry out his new client's request.
Arthur Reese stepped out of the subway entrance, and he headed two blocks east to the parking garage. He decided to walk up the ramps instead of using the elevator or stairway. Level 3 slot 3E held his car. The car unlocked a few feet away as he hit the remote. One quick glance around the level, seeing no one, he opened the driver side door and slipped inside. Not until after he pushed the ignition key into the switch, and placed his hands on the steering wheel that he realized he was shaking.
Tears filled his eyes, but they didn't spill. Men don't cry. Not even with what he just did. She was his friend, no, not just his, but his wife's too. Three years they worked together. Both are being considered for the new vice-president position. It did not matter. He needed this more than she ever did or ever would for that matter. Now, not anyone or anything would thwart his climb up the corporate ladder.

“Pull yourself together,” he told himself as he rode the elevator at Thurston, Thurston, and Peel, to his office on the tenth floor. The elevator sound system was playing 'More, More, More,' and that was the problem, he always wanted more. Now he needed more.
Of course, as luck would have it, she would be the first person he met as he stepped on to the floor.
“Hey, Arthur, missed you at lunch. Join us tomorrow, Ok? I got to run, Mike has requested my presence.”
“Yea, tomorrow definitely. See ya later.” After a large swallow to dislodge the lump in his throat he walked down the hall to his office, entered and closed the door. The automatic mechanism prevented it from slamming as he intended.
I hope you enjoyed the opening pages. Now please run down to your local superstore and buy a copy. OOOPs ! That's right you can't buy  His Fifteenth Victim there. It's an ebook, BUT you can buy it here:

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SampleSunday Ebook excerpt July


The set up:
Charles Kincaid is under the impression his training of Penelope is complete. It is his own self doubts that haunt him and prevent him from trusting her. When a long time friends comes along he finds a way to test Pen's obedience to him. He orders Pen to spend the night with the friend and to be sure his friends is well pleasured.

As the cabin is thrown in to the darkness of the night the bed groans under the man's weight as he crawls up to her. We pick up the story in the morning. Pen has just returned from a trip to the little house out back. .

The Excerpt:      

There was no way to hide the excitement at seeing that Charles was back home and John was gone.
Two step toward his open arms she stopped dead in her tracks.
An eternity past as she stood stone still, however, her mind was moving a mile a minute. Unseeing eyes stared as he sat up and rubbed his face awake. While he refocused, she began to sort through her options of response to the apparent subterfuge he perpetrated last night.
She chose guilt. She finished her trek into his arms. “I thought you said John was your friend?”
Smiling he answered, “Pen, he is.”
And you told me I was special to you.”
You are, what’s this about.”
Oh Charles.” Now sobbing, she told him of the happenings during the night.
Charles your so called friend, he just didn’t do, you know. He hurt. On and on he wouldn’t stop. He didn’t care he was hurting me. Did you tell not to hurt me? I thought you cared and you’d take care of me, you didn’t and I did what you wanted me to and you knew how I felt. I want only you no one else, but you told me and I needed to make you happy. Did you know he was going to those things to me? What kind of friend doesn’t take care of someone else’s property? I am your property aren’t I Charles. OH, please tell me your not going to turn away from me because I did like you told me. OH, Charles, Charles.” And now a little piece of resistance my darling Charles. “What if he ruined me, or broke something I’ll never be able to give you children.”
With that said Pen slid her naked body down along his body growing weak in display of her distraught. He could do nothing less than scoop her up into his arms and protectively hold her tight against him.
<a href="">Pig Pen</a> by Lee Wag
That did it, he was all ready flabbergasted at her reactions. He was all ready cursing himself a thousand times for not trusting her, having to have to know the last little hint of mistrust... And she worried about giving me children. was no way he could put her desire to give him children in the same mind as her desire to trick him and escape. Maybe I did go too far. The quandary was if he admits it was him then he’s the one who caused her pain. He didn’t mean too. HE saw no humor in, too big for your breeches. He knew better ever since the whore episode. Man, he felt lower than horse manure, no pig slop. He didn’t know where to go from here and he hated here right now.
Poor Charles, so in obsessed with his sweet Penelope does even know what's going on. She continues to outsmart him one step at a time patiently waiting for the day she will make good her escape. .

Charles and Penelope's story "Mine Alone" by Betty Carlton, that's me. Can be found at

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